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payouts of 3-2

What is blackjack?

Card game where closest to 21 wins.

What's the fraction of a 3 to 2 payout?

1 1/2 times the bet.

What is the SIGA code of conduct?

We must live by the five principles in both our personal and professional lives.

What are the five principles?

tapwewin-speaking with precision and accuracy
pimacihowin-the importance of making a living
miyo-wicehtowin- the value of getting along with others
miskasowin-the value of finding one's sense of origin and belonging
witaskewin-living together on the land; share our land and resources and give back to our community.

Who is our general manager?

Gary Daniels.

Who is our live games manager?

Diana Cote.

If we cannot make our shift, how long in advance do we call in?

At least 2 hours.

How far in advance do we book time off?

At least a week.

How many SIGA casinos are there?

6. Painted Hand, Bear Claw, Dakota Dunes, Living Sky, Northern Lights, Gold Eagle.

What's special about aces?

They count as one or eleven.

How many times can aces be split?

Only once but if another ace comes out that can be split again.

What's the value of a face card?


How does a player indicate what action he/she wants on his/her hand?

Tap the table for a card, wave the hand for stand.

If the dealer has an ace showing, what is the procedure?

If any players have a blackjack, offer them even money. Then ask the table for insurance. After insurance is closed, the dealer will sweep their hand across the layout and tap the table, indicating to surveillance that insurance is closed. Their hand is turned sideways and inserted into the tech art mirror. If an A appears, then the dealer has blackjack. If not, then the game carries on.

Does a back better have to take even money if the main better takes it when the dealer is showing an ace?

No. If the main better wants even money and the back better doesn't, their bet moves up to the main square once the main better is paid off.

What is the joker used for on Phil 'em Up?

It's a wild card for aces, straights or flushes.

What's the major progressive hand on Tre Card? Phil 'em Up?

Three of a kind for the player and dealer. 5 aces.

What is lucky lucky?

It's a side bet where the player's two cards and the dealer's up card make 19, 20 or 21.

What are sevens?

A side bet where the first seven out of the shoe pays 3$, two sevens pays 50$, two suited sevens pays 100$, three unsuited sevens pays 500$ and three suited sevens pays 5000$.

If you are late taking off the dealer you are following, what must you do?

Pay him/her back the minutes you were late out of your next break.

At what point can you question a supervisor at the table?


Can you wear scented hairspray, colognes, body lotion, etc at the casino?

No. The casino has a strict scent free policy.

What is the chain of command?

It's the hierarchy the casino has among employees. Dealers are accountable to supervisors and the live games manager, supervisors are accountable to the live games manager, the live games manager is accountable to the operations manager who is accountable to the general manager.

What is the proper procedure for dealing with a drunk patron?

Call the supervisor over and either ask to get tapped off the table to tell another supervisor or quietly inform the supervisor that there is a drunk at the table.

Can dealers take patron's money from their hand?


If you have an issue with another dealer, what must you do?

Inform the supervisor of the situation and write up an incident report.

Can you fix your own mistakes on the table?

No. Call floor immediately.

If you have an issue with a supervisor, what must you do?

Talk to another supervisor about it. They will take the appropriate measures to resolve the issue.

Why don't we allow swearing at our tables?

There are other people playing that we have to think of. We want the casino to be a fun place for everyone to come to and foul language makes people uncomfortable.

Can we deal to spouses and immediate family members?

No. It is a conflict of interest.

What is the EFAP program?

The Employee Family Assistance Program. We use it when we begin to experience trouble in our home lives and at work. If we need someone to talk to so we can work out our issues it's there for us.

Why must the player indicate if he/she wants to double or split like cards with a hand signal?

It's proof for surveillance in case the patron tries to dispute the hand after.

How long is the probation period for new dealers?

520 hours.

What is the blackjack shuffle? Poker?

Riffle strip 6-8 times, riffle. Riffle riffle strip 4-6 times riffle.

How do we get cards ready for the day?

After the supervisor checks them, we check them four times. Twice on the faces, twice on the back turning them clockwise after each check. We then do a double deck wash on tables with a shuffler and inset them right into the machine. On manual shuffle tables, we do the double wash then shuffle twice.

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