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  1. Metaphor
  2. Symbolism
  3. B. rising a 1
  4. aloof
  5. Theme
  1. a comparison not using like or as
    (Ex. Stay gold)
  2. b reserved, distant
  3. c Grendel Fight
  4. d Concrete Object that represents something
  5. e The idea that the author is writing about

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  1. pleading; begging
  2. take revenge for a perceived wrong
  3. ill mannered
  4. armor that protects the wearer's whole body
  5. -muddy, filthy

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  1. detachedintentionally contemptuous behavior or attitude


  2. elite-very angry


  3. Flashbackthe liquid part of blood


  4. o climaxessay


  5. Editorialan article giving opinions or perspectives


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