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  1. Metaphor
  2. contemptuosly
  3. impersonally
  4. madras
  5. Timber
  1. a comparison not using like or as
    (Ex. Stay gold)
  2. b a light cotton fabric of various weaves
  3. c a beam made of wood
  4. d disrespectfully; disdainfully
  5. e in an emotionally distant manner

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  1. not fake or counterfeit
  2. in fear or dread of possible evil or harm
  3. to flinch;to shrink back or start aside,as from a blow or pain
  4. wood heaped for burning a dead body as a funeral rite
  5. in a stubborn or persistent way

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  1. Symbolismcomparison using like or as


  2. Manslaughterkilling another person without intending to do so.


  3. exploitpleading; begging


  4. Similea fight between rival gangs of adolescents


  5. Falteringthe act of pausing uncertainly


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