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  1. Uncouth
  2. Timber
  3. Metaphor
  4. O rising a
  5. Singe
  1. a Pb Jumped, Pb vs. Darry, Pb + J go to park, Bob killed, Run away, windrexville, fire, rumble.
  2. b a beam made of wood
  3. c ill mannered
  4. d comparison not using like or as
    (Ex. Stay gold)
  5. e - to burn something

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  1. comparison using like or as
  2. the liquid part of blood
  3. the use of clues to hint at events that will occur later in the plot
  4. not fake or counterfeit
  5. a place, usually a restaurant, where you can drive through to pick something up

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  1. doggedlyhaving a difficult and contrary disposition


  2. resemblancesimilarity in appearance or external or superficial details


  3. Fjord(used especially of vegetation) having lost all moisture


  4. Fenan inland area of low-lying marshy land, now often drained and cultivated because of its nutrient-rich soil.


  5. Alliterationrepetition of initial consonant sounds
    (Ex. The Big Bad Bus)


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