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  1. Dreggy
  2. Imploring
  3. Talons
  4. irony
  5. Concussion
  1. a any violent blow
  2. b claws
  3. c -muddy, filthy
  4. d the opposite of what is expected
    (Ex. The man hated oranges but he was run over by an orange truck)
  5. e pleading; begging

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  1. a long narrow inlet of the sea between steep cliffs
  2. the trail left by a person or an animal
  3. killing another person without intending to do so.
  4. regretfully
  5. violent and needless disturbance

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  1. Drive-Inhaving an offensive odor


  2. skulkedto move about steathily


  3. Meadhaving an offensive odor


  4. Mimicso frightened as to be unable to move


  5. Numba beam made of wood


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