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  1. ornate
  2. commemorate
  3. feasible
  4. What is the nurse's function in the story?
  5. ardent
  1. a to serve as a memorial to; to remember in a solemn manner
  2. b intensely eager; passionate
  3. c able to be done; possible
  4. d a friend to Juliet
  5. e heavily decorated

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  1. a hiding or storage place for valuables
  2. a ball hosted by the Capulets
  3. talk or conversation between characters
  4. bent forward from habit. Grandpa is not _____ but stand upright.
  5. something new

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  1. themethe main idea expressed in a literary work - the main point the author is making


  2. Who gave the poison?The Friar


  3. I am hurt, a plague on both your houses.The Friar


  4. connoisseursperson with knowledge of fine arts; person of refined taste


  5. dictiona writer or speaker's choice of words


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