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  1. delegate
  2. simultaneously
  3. verbal irony
  4. dynamic character
  5. Goodnight, goodnight. Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodnight till it might be morrow.
  1. a occurs when a writer or speaker says one thing and means something entirely different
  2. b a person appointed to act on behalf of others; representative
  3. c changes as a result of the story's events
  4. d Juliet
  5. e happening at the same time

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  1. high standing; respect
  2. to reach the highest point
  3. intensely eager; passionate
  4. Tybolt in the ballroom
  5. unplanned. Greg's decision was an ________ response.

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  1. commemorateheavily decorated


  2. I am hurt, a plague on both your houses.The Friar


  3. Why is Romeo sad at the beginning of the play?He loves Rosilyn, but she does not love him.


  4. statelymajestic and grand. Dressed in his vest, grandpa looks _____.


  5. prolifichigh standing; respect


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