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  1. innovations
  2. bequeathed
  3. feasible
  4. Goodnight, goodnight. Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodnight till it might be morrow.
  5. indelible
  1. a not able to be erased
  2. b able to be done; possible
  3. c Juliet
  4. d something new
  5. e to pass on to others

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  1. clearly offensive or bad; acting against what is right
  2. long and loud applause
  3. unwillingly. Martin, unsure of their reaction, allows them to visit grandpa.
  4. boundaries. Tired and weak, grandpa does not venture from the _________ of his house.
  5. heavily decorated

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  1. Who becomes furious with Romeo and why?a ball hosted by the Capulets


  2. commemoratean account based on the author's personal experiences


  3. ineffectualclosely. Greg looks ______.


  4. characterthe people in the story; a person, animal, in the story


  5. susceptiblecapable of catching fire


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