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  1. feasible
  2. Who becomes furious with Romeo and why?
  3. brittle
  4. Why does the Friar agree to marry Romeo and Juliet?
  5. strident
  1. a harsh and grating; loud and shrill
  2. b He thinks it will stop the fighting.
  3. c able to be done; possible
  4. d sharp. Greg's _____ voice cracks.
  5. e Tybolt in the ballroom

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  1. Escalus
  2. Romeo did not want to fight him
  3. to suffer from heat
  4. a person appointed to act on behalf of others; representative
  5. closely. Greg looks ______.

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  1. prestigesharp. Greg's _____ voice cracks.


  2. havoca hiding or storage place for valuables


  3. What is the nurse's function in the story?He loves Rosilyn, but she does not love him.


  4. cacheable to move and think quickly


  5. impeccablenot able to be erased


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