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  1. Where do they meet?
  2. simultaneously
  3. static character
  4. Why does the Friar agree to marry Romeo and Juliet?
  5. stooped
  1. a happening at the same time
  2. b a ball hosted by the Capulets
  3. c He thinks it will stop the fighting.
  4. d does not change much in the story
  5. e bent forward from habit. Grandpa is not _____ but stand upright.

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  1. physical endurance
  2. to thwart; to find problems with
  3. able to be done; possible
  4. He loves Rosilyn, but she does not love him.
  5. harsh and grating; loud and shrill

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  1. dialecta writer or speaker's choice of words


  2. Goodnight, goodnight. Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodnight till it might be morrow.He thinks it will stop the fighting.


  3. discredita representation of the speech patterns of a particular region or social group


  4. confinesthreatening. The intention of the thugs is _________.


  5. themea hiding or storage place for valuables


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