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  1. character
  2. contemplated
  3. combustible
  4. static character
  5. havoc
  1. a to give careful thought to; to intend
  2. b does not change much in the story
  3. c the people in the story; a person, animal, in the story
  4. d capable of catching fire
  5. e widespread destruction or confusion

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  1. He thinks it will stop the fighting.
  2. happening at the same time
  3. person with knowledge of fine arts; person of refined taste
  4. clearly offensive or bad; acting against what is right
  5. talk or conversation between characters

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  1. ineffectualclosely. Greg looks ______.


  2. indefatigableexhaustion. After the long bus ride, his _____ is understandable.


  3. picturesquehigh standing; respect


  4. culminatedto reach the highest point


  5. dictionan expression peculiar to a particular language that means something different than the literal meaning


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