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  1. confines
  2. flagrant
  3. ovations
  4. indelible
  5. discredit
  1. a long and loud applause
  2. b to hurt the reputation of; to destroy trust
  3. c boundaries. Tired and weak, grandpa does not venture from the _________ of his house.
  4. d clearly offensive or bad; acting against what is right
  5. e not able to be erased

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  1. widespread destruction or confusion
  2. the general idea that a work of literature reveals
  3. open or subject to; easily influenced by
  4. to serve as a memorial to; to remember in a solemn manner
  5. abundantly productive

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  1. static characterdoes not change much in the story


  2. Star-crossed loversRomeo and Juliet


  3. ineffectualwithout flaw


  4. Who gave the poison?The Friar


  5. fatigueexhaustion. After the long bus ride, his _____ is understandable.


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