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  1. epoch
  2. hindrance
  3. memoirs
  4. innovations
  5. theme
  1. a the general idea that a work of literature reveals
  2. b any person or thing that is an obstacle
  3. c an account based on the author's personal experiences
  4. d a period of time marked by related events
  5. e something new

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  1. majestic and grand. Dressed in his vest, grandpa looks _____.
  2. to plan together to do something
  3. without flaw
  4. to swallow up; to overwhelm
  5. great or noble in expression; spendid

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  1. prolificabundantly productive


  2. impromptuan expression peculiar to a particular language that means something different than the literal meaning


  3. delegatemoney or property left in a will; something passed on


  4. feasiblenot able to be erased


  5. themeable to move and think quickly


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