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  1. hemoglobin
  2. core temperature
  3. oxygen saturation
  4. hyperthermia
  5. vasoconstriction
  1. a complete blood count measures red blood cell count, volume of red blood cells, and concentration of hemoglobin, which reflects patient's blood capacity to carry O2
  2. b situation in which body temperature exceeds the set point
  3. c narrowing of surface blood vessels; reduces heat loss
  4. d temperature of deep structures of the body
  5. e the amount of hemoglobin fully saturated with oxygen, given as a percent value

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  1. disappearance of sound when obtaining a blood pressure; typically occurs between the first and second Korotkoff sounds
  2. measured in a complete blood count
  3. pertaining to diastole, or the blood pressure at the instant of maximum cardiac relaxation
  4. abnormal lowering of body temperature below 35 C, or 95 F , usually caused by prolonged exposure to cold
  5. abnormal lowering of blood pressure that is inadequate for normal perfusion and oxygenation of tissues

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  1. Korotkoff soundsound heard during the taking of blood pressure using a sphygmomanometer and stethoscope


  2. infrared thermometerthermometer which relies on thermal radiation from the ear canal, tympanic membrane, axilla, and temporal artery to measure body temperature


  3. perfusiondisorder characterized by an elevated blood pressure persistently exceeding 120/80 mm Hg


  4. pulse pressurepertaining to or resulting from ventricular contraction


  5. diaphoresissecretion of sweat, especially profuse secretion associated with an elevated body temperature, physical exertion, or emotional stress


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