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canada received the right to control its own domestic affairs when

it became a dominion

the first country to give full voting rightsx to women

was new zealand

most protestants opposed the idea of home rule in


the people known as the maori are

polynesian people that settled in new zealand

the british colony orginally set up as a penal colony was


to which country did the most irish emigrants go during the great famine


raj is used to refer to the period of indian history during which india was

dominated by britain

the sepoys were

indian soldiers

according to ram mohun roy, in order to successfully move towards independence, indians had to

change some of their cultural and religious practices

not on pacific rim - china indochina singapore phippine islands


main reason for british colonization of singapore was to obtain use of its


as a direct result of the spanish american war, the us acquired all of the following except guam haqaii peuerto rico phillipine island


why was india called the jewel in the crown

it was the most valuable of all britain colonies

how did menelik 2 keep colonial interests out of ethiopia

he exploited european rivalries and built a modern army

why did thousands of boers move north in the great trek

to escape the british

what happened as a result of the berlin conference

europeans divided africa into colonies without consulting african leaders

what was the main cause of inadequate food supplies in africa during european colonization

europeans insisted on the growth of cash crops

how did europeans use paternalism to governm people in colonies

they provided for colonial peoples' needs but did not give them full rights

with what nation did japan sign the treaty of kanagawa opening ports for trade


what period did the meiji era in japan cover


after which nation did japan decide to model a strong central government during the meiji era


who benefited the most from the granting of extraterritorial rights in the 19th century china

foreigners in china

why did britain sell opium to china

to improve the balance of trade between britain and china

which of the following resulted in the establishment of a rebel government in southeastern china that lasted 10 years boxer rebellion guangxu reforms self strengthening movenment taiping rebellion

taiping rebellion

what american system did the japanese adopt during the meii era

universal public education

what was the purpose of the monroe doctrine

to discourage european nations from establishing colonies in latin america

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