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  1. Assonance
  2. Falling Action
  3. Simile
  4. Alliteration
  5. Setting
  1. a The action that follows the turning point. Example: this will ALWAYS follow the turning point
  2. b The repetition of constant sounds in a line or grouping of words. For example: peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.
  3. c The time & place in which the events of a story take place.
  4. d A direct comparison between two unlike things using "like" or "as". This may be done by some other less overt comparative means, also.
  5. e The repetition of vowel sounds in a line or grouping of words. Example: Beggining, Middle, End

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  1. Poetry that dosen't have a fixed line length, Stanza form, Rhyme scheme, or meter. Example: Random Poetry.
  2. When something that is not human is given humsn characteristics or feelings. Example: The flower was as pink as lipstik.
  3. Language that is used to describe a thing in terms of something else; language that is not intended to be taken literally. Examples: Idioms, Metaphors, Similes, & Personification.
  4. The moment of highest emotional intensity in a plot, when the nature of the conflict is made clear to the reader. Example: The Conflict
  5. An object that represents itself & some greater reality than itself.

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  1. QuatrainA sanza of four lines & rhymed or unrhymed. Example: Same as a couplet but four lines in stead or two.


  2. Conflicta struggle between to opposing forces in a piece of literature. Example: Man VS. Man, Man VS nature, & Man VS Himself


  3. DialectA very breif story told to teach a moral leason. Example: The book Red Riding Hood


  4. Turning pointThe main character in a story or drama who the reader or aidience sympathizes with. No example


  5. NarratorThe one who tells the story.
    First Person: told by someone in the story.
    Third person: Told by someone not in the story.


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