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  1. Turning point
  2. Figuratice Language
  3. foreshadowing
  4. Hyperbole
  5. Atmosphere
  1. a Language that is used to describe a thing in terms of something else; language that is not intended to be taken literally. Examples: Idioms, Metaphors, Similes, & Personification.
  2. b The key moment in a story when the fate of the hero or heroine is clear. Example: the falling action.
  3. c A figure of speech that uses exaggeration or overstatement for effect. Example: Extreme Exaggeration
  4. d Providing clues that suggest or hint at important plot developing that are to follow in a story. Example: preparing for something like in movies they will to do sound effects. ETC..
  5. e The general mood or feeling established in a work of literature. Example: Mood or Feeling

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  1. A variety of language belonging to a particular time, place, or social group. Example: A way of talking
  2. The action that follows the turning point. Example: this will ALWAYS follow the turning point
  3. The moment of highest emotional intensity in a plot, when the nature of the conflict is made clear to the reader. Example: The Conflict
  4. The main character in a story or drama who the reader or aidience sympathizes with. No example
  5. Generally, the repetiyion of accented vowel sounds; three tpes include:
    End rhyme: places the rhyme at the end of a line of verse.
    Internal Rhyme: Repeates sounds with within lines.
    Approximate Rhyme: Rhymed words are close, but not exact.

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  1. MetaphorThe time & place in which the events of a story take place.


  2. AlliterationThe repetition of constant sounds in a line or grouping of words. For example: peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.


  3. OnomatopoeiaWords that sound like their meaning. Example: Buzz, Pur, Bang


  4. SimileA very breif story told to teach a moral leason. Example: The book Red Riding Hood


  5. ConflictA pair of successive rhymed kines of poetry. Example: Two lines of ryming poetry.


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