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  1. proxy
  2. purge
  3. profit a prendre
  4. treasury stock
  5. putative
  1. a owned by the corporation in its own name; almost a reserve fund
  2. b when someone stands in to represent someone else in a vote or at a meeting
  3. c supposed; reputed; assumed
  4. d the right to take something from the soil of another
  5. e to clear oneself of a criminal charge or a debt

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  1. a small parcel of land, a map, or chart
  2. reparation of a wrong, remedy
  3. head or father of the family
  4. the challenge to a juror without giving a reason
  5. relative term; a corporation formed in California doing business in Nevada would be considered a foreign corporation by Nevada

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  1. profferas a matter of form


  2. quantum meruitwithin the legal power or authority or a person or official or body etc


  3. replevina proceeding by which the owner of goods recovers possession of personal property which is illegally held by another


  4. receivera disinterested person appointed by the court to received and preserve property


  5. relatorinformer


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