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  1. pro tempore
  2. peremptory challenge
  3. sole proprietor
  4. plebiscite
  5. quash
  1. a to cancel, annel, put down
  2. b temporarily
  3. c a referendum; a vote of the people on a measure put to them
  4. d the challenge to a juror without giving a reason
  5. e a business owned by a person who is not incorporated; owner assumes full personal liability

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  1. "the thing speaks for itself" negligence may be inferred from the mere happening of the accident
  2. a procedure for putting a measure to the direct vote of the people; a plebiscite
  3. a situation where the aggrieved party between each other and other the agreement some kind of transfer of possession of property is stimulated.
  4. having some of the powers of a court of law
  5. owned by the corporation in its own name; almost a reserve fund

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  1. promoteran arbitrary limit


  2. plata small parcel of land, a map, or chart


  3. corporation meetingscalled artificial person under the law "legal entity"; a business owned by stockholders who share in its profits but are not personally responsible for its debts


  4. chapter 11also known as reorganization bankruptcy, the most complex bankruptcy filing and the one that most troubled businesses file, the debtor continues to function, maintains ownership of all assets, and tries to work out a reorganization plan to pay off creditors.


  5. parameterfinal, decisive


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