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  1. plebiscite
  2. recidivist
  3. estoppel in pais
  4. receiver
  5. scrip
  1. a a situation where the aggrieved party between each other and other the agreement some kind of transfer of possession of property is stimulated.
  2. b the habitual criminal
  3. c a disinterested person appointed by the court to received and preserve property
  4. d a referendum; a vote of the people on a measure put to them
  5. e substitute for a dividend; something other than a monetary award

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  1. in equal step; without preference
  2. an obligation entered before the court to do some particular act, an obligation to appear in court
  3. according to some rate
  4. in equal fault; guilty to the same extent
  5. when a corporation goes out of business

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  1. officers of the corporationa corporation existing in fact and in good faith which has made an effort to comply with state law, but has failed to meet one or more of the requirements of the law.


  2. preferred stockowned by the corporation in its own name; almost a reserve fund


  3. parolwhen someone stands in to represent someone else in a vote or at a meeting


  4. limited liability corporationA form of business ownership in which the owners are liable only up to the amount of their individual investments.


  5. pro temporetemporarily


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