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  1. parameter
  2. pactum
  3. noncumulative preferred stock
  4. res judicata
  5. quo warranto
  1. a an arbitrary limit
  2. b Preferred stock that does not oblige the issuer to make up a missed dividend in a subsequent year
  3. c "by what authority"; a writ ordering a person to justify by what authority he is holding office or exercising authority
  4. d "a thing decided"; final judgment by a court is conclusive and serves as a bar to further action involving the same claim
  5. e an agreement; contract

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  1. the habitual criminal
  2. fractional share
  3. "because he fears"; a bill filed in equity court asking for an injunction
  4. a disinterested person appointed by the court to received and preserve property
  5. basic funds used to start the business

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  1. relatorinformer


  2. pro rataas a matter of form


  3. quantum valebantas much as he has earned; as much as he deserves


  4. officers of the corporationa corporation existing in fact and in good faith which has made an effort to comply with state law, but has failed to meet one or more of the requirements of the law.


  5. common stockwhat's available to sell to investors, value fluctuates with company's prospects


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