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  1. corporation meetings
  2. capital stock
  3. pari passu
  4. recognizance
  5. recidivism
  1. a lapsing into criminal behavior
  2. b an obligation entered before the court to do some particular act, an obligation to appear in court
  3. c in equal step; without preference
  4. d basic funds used to start the business
  5. e corporations are required to hold meetings every year

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  1. by word of mouth, oral
  2. thing, subject matter
  3. an accusation handed down by a grand jury after an investigation conducted on its own initiative; the request made for payment of a note
  4. informer
  5. as far as it goes

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  1. platthe country; outside the court or the court's jurisdiction


  2. petit juryan agreement; contract


  3. recusationthe process by which a judge is disqualified or disqualifies himself from hearing a lawsuit because of a conflict of interest


  4. treasury stockowned by the corporation in its own name; almost a reserve fund


  5. partnershipbusiness run by two or more people


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