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  1. Ho Chi Minh Trail (How did this affect those countries?)
  2. Truman Doctrine
  3. Truman's reasons for using the atomic bomb
  4. Vietcong
  5. Berlin Crisis
  1. a A statement in Truman's speech to Congress, the Soviets/communism weren't mentioned but he did have them in mind.
  2. b Standoff between Khrushchev and Kennedy over control of West Germany. West Germany stays under western control, but Khrushchev builds the Berlin Wall as a result. (major foreign policy tests faced by the Kennedy Administration)
  3. c Was in Laos and Cambodia. The countries were bombed to destroy the trail which was a supply line to the Vietcong in South Vietnam.
  4. d Because he wanted to avoid the huge casualties that would come with an invasion of Japan, because of the increased kamikaze missions on the part of the Japanese, and the belief that Japan would not surrender without a decisive strike.
  5. e Were Vietnamese Communists in South Vietnam who fought the Americans during the Vietnam war.

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  1. Disastrous Cuban invasion in an attempt to overthrow Castro because Castro was communist, meaning that communism had sprung up 90 miles off the coast of Florida. Too close for comfort. Kennedy had his panties all in a twist about this. (major foreign policy tests faced by the Kennedy Administration)
  2. Cheap homes, easy access to loans, the growth of the highway system, and the baby boom.
  3. Kennedy successfully quarantines Cuba when the Soviet Union attempts to arm Cuba with nuclear missiles (major foreign policy tests faced by the Kennedy Administration)
  4. Known as the Silent Majority; they weren't as vocal as proponents of counterculture, civil rights activists, and anti war protestors. Though "silent," they did not approve of the handling of the Vietnam war, yet they were not radical and disapproved of the lack of patriotism on the part of the vocal minority. The elected Nixon on the promise that he would scale down and eventually end the Vietnam war.
  5. Huge inflation, economic recession, rebuilding, etc. Because of these dire straits, the people of Europe asked their respective governments to take more control of the situation, leading to the rise of totalitarian dictators throughout Europe.

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  1. Where the United States initially started fighting in WWIIAfrica moving up through Italy and in the Pacific


  2. Joseph McCarthyWas the US attempt to contain communism. North Korea (communist) invaded South Korea (not communist). The US came to South Korea's aid. The war ended in a stalemate (no victor). Korea remained divided at the 38th parallel; North Korea remained communist and South Korea remained democratic.


  3. When FDR said "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself"Africa moving up through Italy and in the Pacific


  4. ContainmentSuccess in the Vietnam war was measured by


  5. Reasons the Feminist Movement fragmentedThis movement served for wealthy white women rather than the non-white and working class. This movement offended many middle class women. It initially united all women but broke up over time. Because of the differing views within the movement, the movement did NOT encourage women to become whatever they wanted. It focused on creating quality and came about through women's involvement in other movements.


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