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  1. Pentagon Papers, the My Lai Massacre, the killings at Kent State and Jackson State
  2. Okies and Hobos
  3. Realpolitik
  4. Vietcong
  5. Terms of the Treaty of Versailles
  1. a Are terms for migratory workers or homeless vagabonds who are often penniless.
  2. b A policy embraced by Richard Nixon,was foreign policy theory that practical politics and the needs of the country should trump idealism, democracy, and human rights.
  3. c They revealed that the government had frequently misled the American people about the course of the war. Turned public opinion against Vietnam.
  4. d Germany had to accept full responsibility for the war and pay reparations payments.
  5. e Were Vietnamese Communists in South Vietnam who fought the Americans during the Vietnam war.

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  1. Hoped that his programs would channel capital into the economy through consumers. Rather than using Hoover's trickle-down method of tax cuts, he worked from the bottom up. The government encouraged integrity in business as well. The three goals of the New Deal were "Relief, Recovery, and Reform." He wanted to provide relief through direct aid to the people, he wanted to recover the market, and he wanted to reform Wall Street.
  2. Was originally allied with Germany. Then Germany invaded Russia, so they switched sides.
  3. Prominent US foreign policy in the years between WWI and WWII
  4. A series of attempts to assassinate Castro (including exploding cigars hahaha); all attempts failed. (major foreign policy tests faced by the Kennedy Administration)
  5. Group of World War I veterans who marched on Washington, D.C., in 1932 (during the Great Depression) to demand the immediate payment of their pension bonuses, Largest protest

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  1. The state of Europe before the US entered WWII. (What countries were allies? What countries were occupied? What countries were actively fighting?)Was in Laos and Cambodia. The countries were bombed to destroy the trail which was a supply line to the Vietcong in South Vietnam.


  2. Founder of the SNCCWas the relocation of Allied POWs to prison camps in the Philippines.


  3. Similarities between Hitler, Mussolini, and StalinNegatively influences youth, muddles language, controversial, rebel, sexual, supports INTEGRATION (not segregation)


  4. Operation Rolling ThunderUS bombing campaign (particularly the Ho Chi Minh Trail) during the Vietnam War. The bombing failed to produce the desired results. Rather, it united the Vietnam people against the United States and prompted the US to use more chemical warfare. This level of bombing only increased as the war went on.


  5. The WeathermenWas a domestic terrorist organization that violently opposed the federal government and the war in Vietnam. They went as far as bombing federal buildings to show their level of opposition. Many of them had been part of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), become frustrated with the continued failure and slowness of the movement, and gone on to more violent efforts.


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