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  1. All had members who became frustrated with nonviolent resistance and decided to turn to violence.
  2. The state of Europe before the US entered WWII. (What countries were allies? What countries were occupied? What countries were actively fighting?)
  3. Reasons the Feminist Movement fragmented
  4. Ended the Great Depression
  5. Operation Rolling Thunder
  1. a Similarities between Black Panthers, the Weathermen, and the Brown Berets
  2. b WWII and the massive increase in production it caused
  3. c US bombing campaign (particularly the Ho Chi Minh Trail) during the Vietnam War. The bombing failed to produce the desired results. Rather, it united the Vietnam people against the United States and prompted the US to use more chemical warfare. This level of bombing only increased as the war went on.
  4. d This movement served for wealthy white women rather than the non-white and working class. This movement offended many middle class women. It initially united all women but broke up over time. Because of the differing views within the movement, the movement did NOT encourage women to become whatever they wanted. It focused on creating quality and came about through women's involvement in other movements.
  5. e By the time the US entered the war, Britain was the only country actively fighting the war in Europe. France, Poland, Austria, and others were occupied and under Axis control. Italy and Japan were allied with Germany to make up the Axis powers. (By the time the US entered, Germany had already invaded Russia and Russia had (obviously) decided that it no longer wanted to side with Germany.

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  1. Provided young men with jobs on various construction projects which aimed to strengthen the nation's infrastructure and modernize rural communities.
  2. Was a program encouraging voter registration in Mississippi. The SCLC provided legal and medical protection for the workers registering voters. It was organized by Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. Two white workers and one black worker were murdered. This shocked white America.
  3. Was originally allied with Germany. Then Germany invaded Russia, so they switched sides.
  4. Standoff between Khrushchev and Kennedy over control of West Germany. West Germany stays under western control, but Khrushchev builds the Berlin Wall as a result. (major foreign policy tests faced by the Kennedy Administration)
  5. Martin Luther King Jr. thought civil rights would be attained through

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  1. Dust BowlWere Vietnamese Communists in South Vietnam who fought the Americans during the Vietnam war.


  2. Nixon's supporters wereThey went to work, joined the army and navy, acted as nurses, but they did not do any actual fighting, fly planes, etc.


  3. PerestroikaWas a social and economic program that represented the beginning of the end of communism in Russia.


  4. Korean WarLegalized abortion


  5. Okies and HobosAre terms for migratory workers or homeless vagabonds who are often penniless.


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