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  1. Salvage
  2. Dross
  3. fortify
  4. perilous
  5. sprightly
  1. a (adj.) lively, full of life; spicy, flavorful
  2. b to strengthen; build up
  3. c refuse, waste products
  4. d to save from fire or shipwreck; property thus saved
  5. e (adj.) dangerous

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  1. hard to do, requiring much effort
  2. to make right, correct
  3. not able to be corrected; beyond control
  4. (n.) an arrival; a coming into place or view
  5. determined in advance by destiny or fortune

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  1. Anarchy(v.) to twist out of shape; (n.) an abnormality


  2. metropolis(adj.) dangerous


  3. cherubica very steep cliff, the brink or edge of disaster


  4. morose(adj) angry


  5. tantalizeto tease, torment by teasing


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