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Vocab 1-8 Ms.Ligon's Class Test

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  1. expulsion
  2. Venture
  3. Fated
  4. metropolis
  5. apex
  1. a determined in advance by destiny or fortune
  2. b (n.) a risky or daring undertaking; (v.) to expose to danger; to dare
  3. c (n.) a large city; the chief city of an area
  4. d (n.) the highest point, tip
  5. e the process of driving or forcing out

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. (v) to pay for
  2. (n) approach or admittance to places, persons, things; an increase; (v) to get at, obtain
  3. ridiculous, senseless
  4. (n) an angry argument
  5. (n.) an arrival; a coming into place or view

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  1. catalysta substance that causes or hastens a chemical reaction; any agent that causes change


  2. alien(v.) to speak evil of, slander; (adj.) evil


  3. Relinquishto let go, give up


  4. incorrigiblenot able to be corrected; beyond control


  5. adieu(n.) the highest point, tip


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