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  1. bogus
  2. obstreperous
  3. adieu
  4. annihilate
  5. Debris
  1. a (int.) "Farewell!"; (n.) a farewell
  2. b to destroy completely
  3. c (adj.) noisy; unruly, disorderly
  4. d scattered fragments, wreckage
  5. e (adj.) false, counterfeit

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  1. made of brass; shameless, impudent
  2. ridiculous, senseless
  3. to make up for; to repay for services
  4. (v) to seize and hold a position by force or without right
  5. to mislead by trick, deceive

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  1. adherent(n) a follower, supporter; (adj) attached, sticking to


  2. lucidfurious, violently intense, unreasonably extreme; mad; infected with rabies


  3. pauper(n.) the highest point, tip


  4. Asylum(int.) "Farewell!"; (n.) a farewell


  5. arbitrary(adj.) unreasonably high; excessive


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