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  1. Liturgy of the Eucharist
  2. tradition
  3. Virgin Mary
  4. Confirmation
  5. Church's teaching on sex
  1. a teaching is suprisingly good news
  2. b living transmission of the Gospel message and basic Catholic beliefs
  3. c mainly about conferring the gift of the Holy Spirit; brings us closer to God
  4. d break (gifts brought forward, about to be blessed/changed by power of HS) and send (sent out as missionaries)
  5. e prepared over her lifetime to receive God's grace; allowed hersself to be filled with the Holy Spirit

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  1. process by which those who had committed grave sins were brought back into communion with God/Church in early centuries; members often sat outside Church assembly and petition faithful for prayers/support
  2. mystery/events involved in our redemption; Jesus' suffering, death, Resurrection, and Ascension
  3. the official prayer of the Church, divided into segments to be said throughout the day; consists of Psalms as well as certain humans and prayers of intercessions
  4. gather (sing, priest welcomes, opening prayer Gloria) and proclaim (OT, psalm, 2nd reading, Gospel, homily, Nincene creed, prayer of faithful)
  5. state of being that we inherit by virtue of our membership in the fallen human race

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  1. incarnationthe truth of faith that the Song of God assumed human nature and became man to accomplish our salvation in the same human nature


  2. sexualitythe Church's official public worship of God through whih Christ our High Priest continues the work of our redemption by means of the Church's celebration of the Pachal Mystery; "the people's work"


  3. Classical Worldviewthose with whom we are united with Christ in baptism


  4. Creationliving transmission of the Gospel message and basic Catholic beliefs


  5. Initiation Sacramentseffective sign of grace, instituted by Christ and entrusted to the Curch, by which divine life is shaed with us through the work of the Holy Spirit


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