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  1. St. John Vianney
  2. original sin
  3. Liturgy of the Word
  4. Mike Yaconelli
  5. Initiation Sacraments
  1. a warned us that real Christianity ruins lives
  2. b Baptism, Eucharist, Confirmation
  3. c worked on a farm in France; drafted to army but ran away; ordained at 29, and sent to tiny parish in Ars; holiness attracted tourists to confession; health was bad stuck in booth 10-15 hours a day
  4. d gather (sing, priest welcomes, opening prayer Gloria) and proclaim (OT, psalm, 2nd reading, Gospel, homily, Nincene creed, prayer of faithful)
  5. e state of being that we inherit by virtue of our membership in the fallen human race

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  1. living transmission of the Gospel message and basic Catholic beliefs
  2. refers to God's gracious action that frees humans from sin; bestows God's righteousness through their belief in Jesus
  3. sacred oil that is used in several Catholic sacraments
  4. baptism celebrated for infants, then Confirmation/Eucharist left for later age
  5. born in 1917 in El Salvador; left school at 12 years old to study carpentry; left for passion for priesthood; ordained in 1942 and made it to archbishop in 1972; defended people from government; shot at funeral

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  1. sacramenteffective sign of grace, instituted by Christ and entrusted to the Curch, by which divine life is shaed with us through the work of the Holy Spirit


  2. catechumenateJesus is actually there with us every Sunday in church in the Eucharist


  3. Order of penitentsprocess by which those who had committed grave sins were brought back into communion with God/Church in early centuries; members often sat outside Church assembly and petition faithful for prayers/support


  4. gracefree/undeserved gift God gives us to respond to our vocation to become his adopted children


  5. the Confessionsnecessary because they represent God/Church; need to know how to apologize to another human


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