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  1. original sin
  2. King
  3. Romantic Love
  4. John 6
  5. St. Augustine of Hippo
  1. a state of being that we inherit by virtue of our membership in the fallen human race
  2. b instrumental in developing the Church's understanding of sin, forgiveness, and baptism
  3. c leads to attraction, secual intimacy, children, and long last bond
  4. d role from baptism to be "royal" nation of Christ; kingship of service
  5. e bread of LIFE discourse; Jesus discloses to his followers that Heis the bread that comes down from heaven and e must eat of His flesh if we want to live

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  1. teaching is suprisingly good news
  2. spent his time in the desert, challenging people to repent/be baptized
  3. document from Second Vatican Council to show God hasn't left us to our own halting
  4. mystery/events involved in our redemption; Jesus' suffering, death, Resurrection, and Ascension
  5. through consecration, bread/wine become Jesus

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  1. Oscar Romeroborn in 1917 in El Salvador; left school at 12 years old to study carpentry; left for passion for priesthood; ordained in 1942 and made it to archbishop in 1972; defended people from government; shot at funeral


  2. Early Christiansthe truth of faith that the Song of God assumed human nature and became man to accomplish our salvation in the same human nature


  3. Western Rite Baptismall sacraments of initiation celebrated at the same time


  4. Order of penitentsprocess by which those who had committed grave sins were brought back into communion with God/Church in early centuries; members often sat outside Church assembly and petition faithful for prayers/support


  5. real presencediscipline we perform to correct the roots of our sinfulness


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