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  1. catechumenate
  2. Western Rite Baptism
  3. 2 Reconciliation Parts
  4. transubstantiation
  5. Liturgy of the Hours
  1. a formation process that includes catechesis and life in community
  2. b the official prayer of the Church, divided into segments to be said throughout the day; consists of Psalms as well as certain humans and prayers of intercessions
  3. c human (contrition, confession, penance) and God (absolution- forgiveness)
  4. d baptism celebrated for infants, then Confirmation/Eucharist left for later age
  5. e through consecration, bread/wine become Jesus

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  1. feeling sorrow form pure love for God
  2. adoration and honor give to God, which is the first act of the virtue of religion
  3. Anointing of the sick, Penance/Reconciliation
  4. worked on a farm in France; drafted to army but ran away; ordained at 29, and sent to tiny parish in Ars; holiness attracted tourists to confession; health was bad stuck in booth 10-15 hours a day
  5. sacred oil that is used in several Catholic sacraments

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  1. Liturgy of the Eucharistbreak (gifts brought forward, about to be blessed/changed by power of HS) and send (sent out as missionaries)


  2. Imperfect contritionfeeling sorrow from a fear of sin's consequences


  3. Prophetrole from baptism to be joined with Christ in offering worship to God; live life of holiness; oportunity to offer ourselves to God; habit of daily prayer; ponifex "one who builds bridge"


  4. Romantic Lovediscipline we perform to correct the roots of our sinfulness


  5. Virgin Maryprepared over her lifetime to receive God's grace; allowed hersself to be filled with the Holy Spirit


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