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  1. Passover
  2. Imperfect contrition
  3. Western Rite Baptism
  4. King
  5. the Confessions
  1. a chronicled events of the life of St. Augustine
  2. b baptism celebrated for infants, then Confirmation/Eucharist left for later age
  3. c role from baptism to be "royal" nation of Christ; kingship of service
  4. d Jewish feast that was the celebration of their ancestor's release from Egyptian captivity; first Eucharist
  5. e feeling sorrow from a fear of sin's consequences

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  1. mainly about conferring the gift of the Holy Spirit; brings us closer to God
  2. process by which those who had committed grave sins were brought back into communion with God/Church in early centuries; members often sat outside Church assembly and petition faithful for prayers/support
  3. instrumental in developing the Church's understanding of sin, forgiveness, and baptism
  4. the truth of faith that the Song of God assumed human nature and became man to accomplish our salvation in the same human nature
  5. best traditional Catholic thinking; believes in ultimate truth; life is meaningful in God; rituals are credible

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  1. liturgythe Church's official public worship of God through whih Christ our High Priest continues the work of our redemption by means of the Church's celebration of the Pachal Mystery; "the people's work"


  2. Pentecostdisciples went through a radical transformation alongwith all who had received the Holy Spirit


  3. Church's teaching on sexteaching is suprisingly good news


  4. John 6bread of LIFE discourse; Jesus discloses to his followers that Heis the bread that comes down from heaven and e must eat of His flesh if we want to live


  5. Prophetrole from baptism to be joined with Christ in offering worship to God; live life of holiness; oportunity to offer ourselves to God; habit of daily prayer; ponifex "one who builds bridge"


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