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  1. thoracotomy
  2. epithelial cells
  3. superior
  4. sacral
  5. pelvic
  1. a line and cover body cavities and make up the skin
  2. b higher up closer to the head
  3. c pertaining to sacrum
  4. d pertaining to pelvis
  5. e process of cutting the chest

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  1. further below the skin
  2. pertaining to back
  3. lying on belly
  4. pertaining to uper stomach
  5. below closer to the feet

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  1. intervertebralpertaining to bellyside of body


  2. thoracic breaks down into two partstissue


  3. chromosomestumor of the cartilage


  4. Frontal plane(lateral) = Dividing body right & left


  5. medialpertaining to back portion of the body


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