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  1. erudite
  2. raconteur
  3. predatory
  4. gregarious
  5. furtive
  1. a n. a person skilled at telling stories or anecdotes
  2. b adj. scholarly; having or showing a wide knowledge gained from reading
  3. c adj. inclined to rob or prey on others
  4. d adj. fond of the company of others; belonging to a flock
  5. e adj. done in a stealthy or secretive manner

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  1. adj. speaking in a pompous style
  2. adj. to economical; stingy
  3. adj. extremely idealilstic; not practical
  4. adj. cannot be easily understood; mysterious
  5. v. to erase

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  1. mercenaryn. a religious belief opposed to the established doctrine


  2. precociousadj. developed earlier than usual, especiall mentally


  3. doleadj. joking, humorous


  4. ostracizedv. to banish; to shut out from a group or society by common consent


  5. ethnicadj. of or having to do with races or classes of people and their culture


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