Medical Billing and Coding

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From textbook: Step by Step 2013

Physician performs a pyloroplasty & vagotomy in the same surgical session.

CPT CODE: 43640

Incision & drainage of peritonsillar abcess.

CPT CODE: 42700
ICD-9 CODE: 475

Normal endoscopy for abdominal pain, patient complained of abd pain & weight loss.

CPT CODE: 43235
ICD-9 CODES: 789.00, 783.21

Total pancreatectomy for primary malignant cells in the pancreas.

CPT CODES: 48155, 48100-51
ICD-9 CODE: 157.9

Revision ileostomy stoma created 4 mos. ago by previous surgeon.

CPT CODE: 44314
ICD-9 CODE: 557.0

Patient brought back to OR during the post-op period by same physician to repair esophagogastrostomy leak, transthoracic approach, done 2 days ago. Pt. status is post esophagecotomy for esophageal cancer.

CPT CODE: 43320-78
ICD-9 CODE: 530.10

Repair of strangulated inguinal hernia, repaired 4 mos ago.

CPT CODE: 49521
ICD-9 CODE: 550.11

Proctopexy combined w/ sigmoid resection; diagnosis: colon cancer, primary site sigmoid flexure of colon

CPT CODE: 45550
ICD-9 CODE: 153.3

Rigid proctosigmoidoscopy w/ removal of 2 noon-adenomatous polyps of the rectum by snare technique.

CPT CODE: 45315
ICD-9 CODE: 569.0

Pt. taken back to OR for leaking from intestinal anastomosis, done 3 days ago

CPT CODE: 44310-78
ICD-9 CODE: 997.49, E878.2

Ligation of an intraoral salivary duct.

CPT CODE: 42665

Enterotomy of the small intestine for removal of foreign body.

CPT CODE: 44020

Frenotomy, labial.

CPT CODE: 40806

Removal of foreign body from the pharynx.

CPT CODE: 42809

Partial colectomy w/ colostomy.

CPT CODE: 44141

Surgical laparoscopic placement of a gastric band.

CPT CODE: 73770

Simple repair of 1.6-cm laceration of floor of mouth.

CPT CODE: 41250

Surgical laparoscopic repair of paraesophageal hernia w/ fundoplasty w/ implantation of mesh.

CPT CODE: 43282

Nontube open ileostomy.

CPT CODE: 44310

Inciscion & drainage of perirectal abcess.

CPT CODE: 46040

Screening colonoscopy for colon polyps; pathology report indicates benign polyps.

CPT CODE: 45380
ICD-9 CODES: V76.51, 211.3

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