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  1. ruth ginsburg
  2. sonia sotomayor
  3. JP stevens
  4. clarence thomas
  5. U.S. magistrates
  1. a woman in SC
  2. b newest member of SC
  3. c African-American in SC
  4. d "officials" appointed to eight-year terms
  5. e longest serving in SC

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  1. hear a much narrower range of cases
  2. "let the decision stand"
  3. written by justices who do not agree with the decision of the Court
  4. federal courts beneath SC
  5. to review a lower court's actions and decisions to determine if they followed the law

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  1. concurrent jurisdiction"cases heard in either federal or state courts


  2. clarence thomas"let the decision stand"


  3. majority opinionCourt's opinion on a case


  4. constitutional courtshear a much narrower range of cases


  5. court in conferenceemphasize certain points not made earlier


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