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  1. amicus curiae
  2. stare decisis
  3. JP stevens
  4. concurrent jurisdiction
  5. constitutional courts
  1. a "let the decision stand"
  2. b longest serving in SC
  3. c "cases heard in either federal or state courts
  4. d Article III courts
  5. e filed by persons who are not actual parties in a case

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  1. "list of cases a court is going to hear"
  2. "Rule" by which SC
  3. makes a judgement based on facts of case
  4. Clinton appointee to SC
  5. higher court sends a case back down to a lower court

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  1. special courtshear a much narrower range of cases


  2. U.S. magistrates"officials" appointed to eight-year terms


  3. sonia sotomayornewest member of SC


  4. concurring opinionwritten by justices who do not agree with the decision of the Court


  5. dissenting opinionemphasize certain points not made earlier


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