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  1. A pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables
  2. The repetition of similar vowel sounds
  3. Italian/Petrachan Sonnet: 14 lines of poetry with a ryhme scheme of abba followed by a combo of c,d,e
    English/Shakespearen Sonnet: 14 lines of poetry with a rhyme scheme of abab cdcd efef gg
  4. Sounds combinations harsh to the ear: q,k,b,p,d,t

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  1. OnomatopoeiaThe word is the sound


  2. AlliterationThe repetition of initial consonant sounds


  3. SestinaA closed form poem based upon sixes-six stanzas of six lines each end with six repeated words


  4. VillanelleA cyclical poem based upon the repetition of lines one and three


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