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  1. Importune
  2. Incongruous
  3. Naught
  4. Peruse
  5. Bestow
  1. a (v.) read thoroughly or carefully
  2. b (adj.) not in harmony or keeping with the surroundings or other aspects of something
  3. c (pronoun) nothing
  4. d (v.) confer or present (an honor, right, or gift)
  5. e (v.) ask (someone) pressingly and persistently for or to do something

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  1. (v.) demand or specify (a requirement), typically as part of a bargain or agreement
  2. (v.) publicly declare to be wrong or evil
  3. (n.) a follower or underling of a powerful person, esp. a servile or unimportant one
  4. (adj.) unable to be explained or accounted for
  5. (n.) the skill of clear and expressive speech, esp. of distinct pronunciation and articulation

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  1. Pensive(v.) read thoroughly or carefully


  2. Chasm(n.) a deep fissure in the earth, rock, or another surface


  3. Truce(n.) an agreement between enemies or opponents to stop fighting or arguing for a certain time


  4. Feign(adj.) compelled by the circumstances; obliged


  5. Larceny(v.) praise formally or officially


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