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  1. Banning of Nuclear Tests
  2. Desegregation of US Troops
  3. Atlantic Charter
  4. Public Works Administration
  5. Economy during 1970's & 1980's
  1. a Part of the first new deal. It begins spedning over 3 billlion on public works such as highways, dams and public buildings.
  2. b Desegregation started in WWII but they were still set into segregated fighting groups. Complete desegregation was reached during the Cold War.
  3. c The 1970s were perhaps the worst decade of most industrialized countries' economic performance since the Great Depression.[2] Although there was no severe economic depression as witnessed in the 1930s, economic growth rates were considerably lower than previous decades
  4. d 1941-Pledge signed by US president FDR and British prime minister Winston Churchill not to acquire new territory as a result of WWII amd to work for peace after the war
  5. e The Intermidiate Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty was the first treaty to call for the destruction of nuclear weapons. Marked the begining to the end of the Cold War. Signed by Reagan and soviet leader, Gorbachev.

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  1. Pushed for a double victory: victory over segregation and war.
  2. Idea od the Guilded Age. Strongly reinforced the idea of individualism. "Survival of the fittest". Social Darwinisma lso paralleled the economic doctrine on laissez-faire that opposed any government programs that interfered with buisness.
  3. This act, an accomplishment of the Eisenhower administration, authorized $25 billion for a ten- year project that built over 40,000 miles of interstate highways. This was the largest public works project in American history.
  4. They decreased their defense spending and ancelled orders of military equptment. Thousands of soldiers were laid off. (Recession due to the Cold War ending)
  5. Incident where President Eisenhower sent federal troops to allow black students into the high school.

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  1. William Taftmade it illegal for employers to pay female workers less than men for the same job


  2. Equal Pay ActTaft broke with progressives on tariff and conservation issues. Had support of Roosevselt.


  3. McCarthyismIntense anti-communist suspicion from late 1940s until late 1950s. Named to criticize actions of Senator Joseph McCarthy during second "Red Scare".


  4. John Kennedy's InaugurationAsk Not What Your Country Can Do For You


  5. Imperialismeconomic and political domination af a string nation over weaker ones.


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