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  1. coronary
  2. systolic
  3. protists
  4. pulmonary circuit
  5. blood pressure
  1. a contraction phase (LUB)
    - AV valves closed
    - SL valves open
  2. b - spread over the surface of the heart
    - blood supply that goes to the heart
  3. c - do not have a circulatory system
    - freshwater
    - direct contact with environment
    - diffusion and active transport brings materials in
  4. d carried blood between the heart and the lungs
  5. e main force driving blood from heart to capillaries
    - the force the blood exerts against the walls of blood vessels

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  1. - nutrients are picked up by capillaries in stomach and small intestine and transported to the liver
    - liver detox blood
    - excess nutrients is stored in liver
  2. sinoatirial (SA) node
    atrioventricular (AV) node
  3. what materials are transported or dissolved in
  4. under 120/80
  5. - cytoplasmic streaming
    - materials moving in cell cytoplasm

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  1. pressure in capillary beds-very high
    -walls expand and stretch


  2. hydra- supplies blood to the kidneys
    - 1/4 blood goes to the kidneys
    - filtration of blood (waste, excess water)


  3. rate is regulated by...1. vagus nerve (slows down heart rate)
    2. cardio accelerator (speeds up heart rate)
    3. horomones (epinephrine increases h.r.)
    4. emotions, coffee/tea, body temp.


  4. renal- majority carries deoxygenated blood to the heart (except pulmonary vein)
    - thin walled


  5. artery- carries blood away from heart
    - majority carries oxygenated blood to body cells
    - smooth muscle causes to be thicker
    - only aortic and pulmonary arteries have valves


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