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  1. heart rate
  2. grasshopper
  3. pressure in capillary beds
  4. network
  5. the pacemaker and control of heartbeat
  1. a the number of heart beats per minute
  2. b - colorless blood= no hemoglobin because blood doesn't transport gases
    - blood only transports nutrients and waste
    - blood kept in motion in spaces by grasshopper moving and breathing
  3. c 1. pacemaker generates electrical impulses
    2. impulses spread through the atria
    3. impulses reach the ventricles
  4. d - low, so diffusion can occur
    - precapillary sphincter muscle helps direct the flow of blood through capillary beds
  5. e (blood vessels) vascular system

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  1. contract around vein to push blood up
  2. -very high
    -walls expand and stretch
  3. diastolic and systolic
  4. main force driving blood from heart to capillaries
    - the force the blood exerts against the walls of blood vessels
  5. upper atria and lower ventricles

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  1. pumpthe rhythmic stretching/expansion of the arteries caused by pressure of blood during ventricular systole


  2. systolic pressurethe pressure during ventricular systole


  3. veinsstart in veins (deoxygenated blood) to atrium to ventricular to artery to gill capillaries and gas exchange occurs


  4. fluidwhat materials are transported or dissolved in


  5. murmurs- carries blood away from heart
    - majority carries oxygenated blood to body cells
    - smooth muscle causes to be thicker
    - only aortic and pulmonary arteries have valves


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