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  1. rate is regulated by...
  2. fish
  3. organisms with open system
  4. 2 types of circulatory systems
  5. pressure in veins
  1. a insects, arthropods, mollusks (clams and scallops), etc.
  2. b start in veins (deoxygenated blood) to atrium to ventricular to artery to gill capillaries and gas exchange occurs
  3. c 1. vagus nerve (slows down heart rate)
    2. cardio accelerator (speeds up heart rate)
    3. horomones (epinephrine increases h.r.)
    4. emotions, coffee/tea, body temp.
  4. d Open and Closed
  5. e almost no pressure

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  1. involuntary muscle
    - individual cells with single nucleus per cell
    - forms branching interlocking network to withstand force of contractions
  2. the rhythmic stretching/expansion of the arteries caused by pressure of blood during ventricular systole
  3. the pressure that remains in arteries when your heart is relaxed
  4. open and close to prevent back flow of blood
  5. contraction phase (LUB)
    - AV valves closed
    - SL valves open

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  1. artery- carries blood away from heart
    - majority carries oxygenated blood to body cells
    - smooth muscle causes to be thicker
    - only aortic and pulmonary arteries have valves


  2. diastolicrelaxation phase (DUP)
    - ventricles are filling with blood
    - AV valves open
    - SL valves closed


  3. blood pressureunder 120/80


  4. protists- do not have a circulatory system
    - freshwater
    - direct contact with environment
    - diffusion and active transport brings materials in


  5. septumsomething to force fluid throughout the organism


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