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  1. open system
  2. network
  3. organisms with closed systems
  4. septum
  5. sinoatirial (SA) node
  1. a -blood is not always contained in tubes
    -open ended vessels
    -fluid directly bathes cells
  2. b vertebrates, worms, etc.
  3. c (blood vessels) vascular system
  4. d the pacemaker: specialized group of muscle cells in right atrium
    - initiates its own impulses to for the heart to contract
  5. e separates the right and left sides and prevents the mixing of blood

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  1. ECG or EKG
    - measures the electricity going through the heart
  2. diastolic and systolic
  3. - nutrients are picked up by capillaries in stomach and small intestine and transported to the liver
    - liver detox blood
    - excess nutrients is stored in liver
  4. - 2 sides to heart
  5. a tough, protective membrane that covers the heart

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  1. shygomomanometer- colorless blood= no hemoglobin because blood doesn't transport gases
    - blood only transports nutrients and waste
    - blood kept in motion in spaces by grasshopper moving and breathing


  2. closed system-blood is always confined in tubes
    -blood is separate from interstitial fluid that directly bathes the tissues


  3. hydra- multicellular
    - every cell is in direct contact with environment
    - cells are flagellated to circulate water within the gastrovascular cavity


  4. diastolic pressurethe pressure during ventricular systole


  5. arteriole- small artery
    - carries oxygenated blood to body cells


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