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Transportation and Circulation Test

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  1. venule
  2. cardiac muscle
  3. 2 types of circulatory systems
  4. pressure in veins
  5. network
  1. a involuntary muscle
    - individual cells with single nucleus per cell
    - forms branching interlocking network to withstand force of contractions
  2. b almost no pressure
  3. c Open and Closed
  4. d - small veins
    - carries deoxygenated blood to the heart
  5. e (blood vessels) vascular system

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. 1. vagus nerve (slows down heart rate)
    2. cardio accelerator (speeds up heart rate)
    3. horomones (epinephrine increases h.r.)
    4. emotions, coffee/tea, body temp.
  2. separates the right and left sides and prevents the mixing of blood
  3. - colorless blood= no hemoglobin because blood doesn't transport gases
    - blood only transports nutrients and waste
    - blood kept in motion in spaces by grasshopper moving and breathing
  4. -blood is not always contained in tubes
    -open ended vessels
    -fluid directly bathes cells
  5. under 120/80

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  1. cardiac cycle: 2 phasescardio- heart
    vascular- veins/arteries/blood vessles


  2. artery- carries blood away from heart
    - majority carries oxygenated blood to body cells
    - smooth muscle causes to be thicker
    - only aortic and pulmonary arteries have valves


  3. pressure in arteriesalmost no pressure


  4. route of bloodbicuspid valve to left ventricle to aortic semi-lunar valve to ascending aorta to aortic arch to descending aorta to lower body cells to capillaries to gas exchange to inferior vena cava to right atrium to tricuspid valve to right ventricle to pulmonary valve to pulmonary artery to lungs to gas exchange to pulmonary veins to left atrium to bicuspid valve


  5. pulsethe rhythmic stretching/expansion of the arteries caused by pressure of blood during ventricular systole


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