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  1. rate is regulated by...
  2. septum
  3. venule
  4. skeletal muscle
  5. heart rate
  1. a separates the right and left sides and prevents the mixing of blood
  2. b contract around vein to push blood up
  3. c 1. vagus nerve (slows down heart rate)
    2. cardio accelerator (speeds up heart rate)
    3. horomones (epinephrine increases h.r.)
    4. emotions, coffee/tea, body temp.
  4. d - small veins
    - carries deoxygenated blood to the heart
  5. e the number of heart beats per minute

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  1. valve doesn't close all the way
    - wushing sound in heart beat
    - can be born with one
    - watch bicuspid valve more closely because can result in a "large heart"
    - replace valve with sheep, pig, artificial, or organ donor valve
    - back flow of blood
    - can be result of untreated strep throat where bacteria attacks valve= Rheumatic fever
  2. - dorsal vessel is along the back
    - 5 aortic arches
    - ventricular vessel is close to ground
    - blood carries nutrients, gases, waste
    -contains hemoglobin (which carries more oxygen)
  3. upper atria and lower ventricles
  4. facilitates (helps) the exchange of materials
    -provides an internal transport system that brings substances and gases close to the cells for diffusion
  5. - colorless blood= no hemoglobin because blood doesn't transport gases
    - blood only transports nutrients and waste
    - blood kept in motion in spaces by grasshopper moving and breathing

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  1. systemic circuitcarries blood between the heart and all the parts of the body except the lungs


  2. systolic pressurethe pressure that remains in arteries when your heart is relaxed


  3. systoliccontraction phase (LUB)
    - AV valves closed
    - SL valves open


  4. varicose veins- majority carries deoxygenated blood to the heart (except pulmonary vein)
    - thin walled


  5. sinoatirial (SA) nodein septum between atria
    - relays impulses to muscle cells of the ventricles


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