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  1. personification
  2. Epic Poem
  3. Free Verse
  4. figure of speech
  5. syllabic verse
  1. a Long ago poets wrote these very long poems. They include heroic figures, a dignified theme, organic unity and an orderly progress of events. Modern long poems do not fall into this category.
  2. b This is a poetry form... There is no external pattern, but there is often an implied of "felt" pattern.
  3. c any way of saying something other than the ordinary way; a way of saying something and meaning another
  4. d a pattern set up and rigorously followed through the poem
  5. e a figure of speech in which human attributes are given to an animal, an object, or concept

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  1. is the representation of one thing by another thing. A statue is an image. Figurative language is a another word to describe the word_____________
  2. a sonnet consisting of an octave rhyming ABBAABBA and of a sestet using any arrangement of two or three additional rhymes, such as CDCDCD or CDECDE
  3. a speech pause occurring within a line
  4. a device by which the author implies a different meaning from that intended by the speaker in a literary work
  5. The formality, informality, humor all contribute to the poems effect

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  1. satirea figure of speech in which an explicit comparison is made between two things essentially unlike. (like, as, than)


  2. Types of RhymesWhen things really rhyme we call them this kind of rhyme.


  3. alliterationthe basic definition or dictionary meaning of a word


  4. quatraina four-line stanza; a four-line division of a sonnet marked off by its rhyme scheme


  5. tonethe writer's or speaker's attitude toward the subject, the audience, or herself or himself; the emotional coloring, or emotional meaning of a work


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