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  1. denotation
  2. Narrative Poem
  3. example of a characteristic of prose
  4. figurative language
  5. ballad
  1. a Longer than some poems, it is usually a slowly unfolding description of some event and often includes humor. It is easy to read and is usually sequential.
  2. b the basic definition or dictionary meaning of a word
  3. c a fairly short narrative poem written in a songlike stanza form
  4. d it is printed or written with margins whereas poetry often ignores the margins, especially the right margin. Additionally, some words and even parts of words when spoken are stressed while others are unstressed
  5. e language employing figures of speech; language that cannot be taken literally or only literally

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  1. a fixed form of 14 lines, normally iambic pentameter, with a rhyme scheme conforming to one of two types either Italian or English
  2. a figure of speech in which an explicit comparison is made between two things essentially unlike. (like, as, than)
  3. a reference, explicit or implicit, to something in literature or history
  4. the repetition at close intervals of the vowel sounds of accented syllables or important words (hat, tan, amber)Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary(the a in Mary, Mary, Contrary)
  5. a statement or situation containing apparently contradictory or incompatible elements

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  1. tonedisruption of expectations


  2. Find the Example of Figurative Languagelanguage employing figures of speech; language that cannot be taken literally or only literally


  3. Syllabic Verseunrhymed iambic pentameter


  4. figure of speechany way of saying something other than the ordinary way; a way of saying something and meaning another


  5. Lyric Poema brief concentrated poem with single subject, focus, voice with simple musicality.


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