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  1. Raynard Patterson
  2. Wesley Boone
  3. Amy Moscowitz
  4. Themes of literature in the Harlem Renaissance
  5. Jazz and Blues
  1. a has dyslexia, loves the saxaphone
  2. b her parents' divorce has greatly affected her, wants a friend but doesn't trust anyone
  3. c wants to be considered a "bad boy" but loves the Harlem Renaissance, wants a future
  4. d music that became popular during the Harlem Renaissance. Performed at the Apollo and Cotton Club.
  5. e African-American daily life, discrimination and racism, roots in Africa.

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  1. aspires to work on Broadway, but is moving
  2. is balancing being a single mother with going to school full time
  3. her mother died of cancer, became friends with Porscha
  4. Langston Hughes, Zora Neale Hurston, Countee Cullen
  5. loves to paint, does not want to be stereotyped as by his culture

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  1. Sheila Gamberoniis rebelling against her family, feels like she doesn't belong


  2. Harlem Renaissanceaspires to work on Broadway, but is moving


  3. Porscha Johnsonis considered a bully, bad-tempered, her mom died of an overdose


  4. Devon Hopeis a very good basketball player, but also likes to read


  5. Lupe AlgarinEnglish teacher who inspires his students


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