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  1. recessive allele
  2. bottleneck effect
  3. regulatory gene
  4. endotoxin
  5. neutral variation
  1. a in a heterozygous individual, the allele that has no noticeable effect on the phenotype
  2. b genetic drift resulting from a drastic reduction in population size
  3. c genetic variation that provides no apparent selective advantage for some individuals over others
  4. d a poisonous component of the outer membrane of certain bacteria that is released only when the bacteria die
  5. e a gene that codes for a protein, such as a repressor, that controls the transcription

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  1. a reproductive organ that houses and protects the gametes of a plant
  2. a roundworm, characterized by a pseudocoelom, a cylindrical, wormlike body form, and tough cuticle.
  3. a clade of protists that includes amoebas and slime molds and is characterized by lobe-shaped psuedopodia
  4. referring to a type of relationship in which an individual of one sex mates with several of the other
  5. the parent individuals from which offspring are derived in studies of inheritance;

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  1. semiconservative modeltype of DNA replication in which the replicated double helix consists of one old strand, derived from the old molecule, and one newly made strand


  2. parasitismin scientific studies, the search for the least complex explanation for an observed phenomenon


  3. anthera sac in which pollen grains develop, located at the tip of a flower's stamen


  4. differentiationa change in the nucleotide sequence of DNA; the ultimate source of genetic diversity.


  5. commensalismin a mollusc, the outgrowth of the body surface that drapes over the animal. The mantle produces the shell and forms the mantle cavity.


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