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  1. innate behavior
  2. search image
  3. ecological species concept
  4. polychaete
  5. post-anal tail
  1. a the idea that ecological roles (niches) define species
  2. b a tail posterior to the anus; found in the chordate embryos and most adult chordates.
  3. c behavior that appears to be performed in virtually the same way by all members of a species
  4. d the mechanism that enables an animal to find a particular kind of food efficiently
  5. e a member of the largest group of annelids.

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  1. the study of the formation, early growth, and development of different organisms
  2. evolutionary change in which adaptations in one species act as a selective force on a second species, including adaptations that in turn act as a selective force on the first species; mutual influence on the evolution of two different interacting species
  3. a mutualistic association of plant roots and fungi
  4. the mating between an individual of unknown genotype for a particular characteristic and an individual that is homozygous recessive for that same characteristic
  5. the level of harvest that produces a consistent yield without forcing a population into decline

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  1. Duchenne muscular dystrophyplant tissue consisting of cells joined into tubes that transport water and nutrients throughout the plant body


  2. stamena pollen-producing male reproductive part of a flower, consisting of a stalk and an anther


  3. descent with modificationDarwin's initial phrase for the general process of evolution


  4. birda group of reptiles with feathers and adaptations for flight.


  5. reverse transcriptasethe conversion of semi-arid regions to desert


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