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  1. lateral line system
  2. pharyngeal slit
  3. logistic growth model
  4. kingdom
  5. euglenozoan
  1. a a row of sensory organs along each side of a fish's body. Sensitive to changes in water pressure, it enables a fish to detect minor vibrations in the water.
  2. b a diverse clade of flagellated protists that includes trypanosones and Euglena
  3. c a mathematical description of idealized population growth that is restricted by limited factors
  4. d a gill structure in the pharynx; found in chordate embryos and some adult chordates.
  5. e in classification, the broad taxonomic category above phylum or division

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  1. a member of the kingdom Protista; mostly unicellular, though some are colonial or multicellular
  2. the level of harvest that produces a consistent yield without forcing a population into decline
  3. having two different alleles for a given gene
  4. a gas-filled internal sac that helps bony fishes maintain buoyancy.
  5. behavior necessary to recognize, search for, capture, and consume food

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  1. systematicsan analytical approach to the study of the diversity of life and the evolutionary relationships between organisms


  2. translocationthe incorporation of new genes into a cell from DNA that the cell take up from the surrounding environment.


  3. F factora roundworm, characterized by a pseudocoelom, a cylindrical, wormlike body form, and tough cuticle.


  4. codona rapidly growing fungus that reproduces asexually by producing spores


  5. closed circulatory systemthe transformation of a larva into an adult that looks very different from the larva and often functions very differently in its environment.


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