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  1. cerebral hemispheres
  2. ovum
  3. true hermaphrodites
  4. Klinefelter's Syndrome
  5. sex
  1. a the 2 sides (R & L) of the cerebrum
  2. b - occurs in 1 in every 1000 male births
    - characterized by the presence of two X chromosomes and one Y chromosome (XXY)
    - individuals have undersized male genitals (anatomically male), and sterile; may have somewhat feminized physical features
    - little to no sex drive
    - individuals usually identify as male, however there is some degree of gender-identity confusion
  3. c the female reproductive cell
  4. d biological maleness and femaleness
  5. e - exceedingly rare individuals who have both ovarian and testicular tissue in their bodies.
    - their external genitals are often a mixture of male and female structures

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  1. The psychological and sociocultural characteristics associated with our biological sex.
  2. male gonads inside the scrotum that produce sperm and sex hormones
  3. the 22 pairs of human chromosomes that don't significantly influence sex differentiation
  4. class of hormones that produce female secondary sex characteristics and affect the menstrual cycle
  5. class of hormones, including progesterone, that are produced by the ovaries

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  1. spermbiological maleness and femaleness


  2. cerebrumthe male reproductive cell


  3. gender rolecollection of attitudes & behaviors that a specific culture consideres normal and appropriate for people of a particular sex


  4. hypothalamusfemale gonads that produce ova and sex hormones


  5. gender assumptionshow one psychologically perceives oneself as either male or female


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