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  1. gender assumptions
  2. ovum
  3. cerebrum
  4. hypothalamus
  5. fetally androgenized female
  1. a largest part of the brain, consisting of 2 cerebral hemispheres
  2. b the female reproductive cell
  3. c assumptions about how people are likely to behave based on their maleness or femaleness
  4. d small structure in the central core of the brain that controls the pituitary gland and regulates motivated behavior and emotional expression.
  5. e - rare disorder where a chromosomally normal female (XX) who, as a result of excessive exposure to androgens during prenatal sex differentiation, develops external genitalia resembling those of a male
    - medical tests ID babies as females & they are treated with surgery/hormones to eliminate genital ambiguity, and reared as girls (they are fertile)
    - some individuals do not associate themselves with a female gender identity and tend to be orientated toward traditionally male activities

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  1. biological maleness and femaleness
  2. - exceedingly rare individuals who have both ovarian and testicular tissue in their bodies.
    - their external genitals are often a mixture of male and female structures
  3. XY
  4. the 2 sides (R & L) of the cerebrum
  5. single set of chromosomes that influence biological sex determination

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  1. pseudohermaphroditesIndividuals whose gonads match their chromosomal sex but whose internal and external reproductive anatomy has a mixture of male and female structures or structures that are incompletely male or female.
    (there are 5 types of pseudohermaphrodites)


  2. cerebral cortexouter layer of the cerebral hemispheres that is responsible for higher mental processes


  3. testesThe psychological and sociocultural characteristics associated with our biological sex.


  4. gonadsthe male and female sex glands
    -male sex glands: testes
    -female sex glands: ovaries


  5. ovariesthe male and female sex glands
    -male sex glands: testes
    -female sex glands: ovaries


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