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  1. trekboer
  2. African
  3. Apartheid
  4. Bantu
  5. SAIC
  1. a farmers that left the cape colony and moved inland
  2. b members of a group of native people of S. Africa and the language spoken by them
  3. c a person (especially a black person) from Africa
  4. d "separate" a system of discrimination in S. Africa that kept blacks, whites, Asians, and coloureds separate (1948-1990)
  5. e South African Indian Congress, formed by Gandhi to organize Indians and to get their basic rights

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  1. the practice of having political power over another country, filling it with settlers, and economically benefitting from it
  2. 1867-Afrikaners discovered diamonds (urbanized S. Africa) British saw chance to make $
  3. migration in 1835-1837 of many boers northward to move away from the British rule in capetown
  4. hunter-gatherers/farmers who relied on grazing land, sheep, goats, and cattle
  5. Industrial and Commercial Workers Union-organized strikes, very successful in 1920s

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  1. Treaty of Vereeniging1910-peace treaty @ the end of the Anglo-Boer war, let British employ cheap labor in the mines, Edward VII = new authority


  2. Transvaalprovince in E. South Africa where Gandhi came


  3. NatalAfrican National Congress formed in 1912 by conservative African men to oppose discrimination. not very successful until after 1930s


  4. Afrikaansmeans "African" in Afrikaans-Africans descended from the Dutch settlers of the 1600s


  5. Concentration CampsAfrican mine workers had contracts that bound them to work for long periods of time


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