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  1. Compound System
  2. Cape Colony
  3. Transvaal
  4. African
  5. Xhosa
  1. a a person (especially a black person) from Africa
  2. b cramped barracks where thousands died each year, lacked food and ample supplies
  3. c area of S. Africa that became a British Colony in 1814, 1910-joined Union of S. Africa
  4. d a tribal group made up of Bantu people (2nd largest ethnic group)
  5. e former province in Northeast S. Africa-independent republic formed after Great Trek-resistance to annexation by Britain in 1877 led to Anglo-Boer war

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  1. (Lord Kitchener) March 1910-British troops burned down ~30,000 Boer houses and farms
  2. booklets that blacks were required to carry
  3. "separate" a system of discrimination in S. Africa that kept blacks, whites, Asians, and coloureds separate (1948-1990)
  4. Dutch farmers that moved inland in S. Africa to farm
  5. migration in 1835-1837 of many boers northward to move away from the British rule in capetown

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  1. Khoisana tribal group made up of Bantu people (2nd largest ethnic group)


  2. Orange Free State"independent republic" a province of the Union of South African in 1910


  3. Jan van RiebeeckDutch man who established the 1st permanent European settlement @ the Cape of Good Hope on behalf of the DEIC


  4. DEICa Dutch trading company founded in 1652-established the 1st permanent settlement @ Cape of Good Hope


  5. Unificationa person (especially a black person) from Africa


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