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  1. DEIC
  2. SAIC
  3. African
  4. Contract System
  5. Scorched Earth Campaign
  1. a a Dutch trading company founded in 1652-established the 1st permanent settlement @ Cape of Good Hope
  2. b a person (especially a black person) from Africa
  3. c African mine workers had contracts that bound them to work for long periods of time
  4. d (Lord Kitchener) March 1910-British troops burned down ~30,000 Boer houses and farms
  5. e South African Indian Congress, formed by Gandhi to organize Indians and to get their basic rights

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  1. province in E. South Africa where Gandhi came
  2. cramped barracks where thousands died each year, lacked food and ample supplies
  3. booklets that blacks were required to carry
  4. Industrial and Commercial Workers Union-organized strikes, very successful in 1920s
  5. Dutch farmers that moved inland in S. Africa to farm

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  1. AfrikaansDutch-based language developed in S. Africa


  2. Great Trekfarmers that left the cape colony and moved inland


  3. Zulutribal group made up of Bantu people (largest ethnic group)


  4. Xhosaa tribal group made up of Bantu people (2nd largest ethnic group)


  5. Treaty of Vereenigingmigration in 1835-1837 of many boers northward to move away from the British rule in capetown


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