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  1. Afrikaner
  2. Concentration Camps
  3. trekboer
  4. coloured
  5. 1913 Natives Land Act
  1. a farmers that left the cape colony and moved inland
  2. b mixed-race population descended from interbred slaves, whites, and khoisan
  3. c Afrikaner women and children were taken from their homes to less than ideal camps (28,000 died)
  4. d 1st major legislation creating separate areas for Europeans and Africans to live
  5. e means "African" in Afrikaans-Africans descended from the Dutch settlers of the 1600s

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  1. area of S. Africa that became a British Colony in 1814, 1910-joined Union of S. Africa
  2. (Lord Kitchener) March 1910-British troops burned down ~30,000 Boer houses and farms
  3. African National Congress formed in 1912 by conservative African men to oppose discrimination. not very successful until after 1930s
  4. a person (especially a black person) from Africa
  5. Dutch-speaking people who migrated by wagon from the Cape Colony from 1836 on. Wanted to further escape the British rule

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  1. Steenkampa member of the famous Retief family of which Peter Retief was one of the foremost voortrekkers


  2. Mineral Revolution1867-Afrikaners discovered diamonds (urbanized S. Africa) British saw chance to make $


  3. Xhosaa tribal group made up of Bantu people (2nd largest ethnic group)


  4. Treaty of Vereeniging1910-peace treaty @ the end of the Anglo-Boer war, let British employ cheap labor in the mines, Edward VII = new authority


  5. Khoisanhunter-gatherers/farmers who relied on grazing land, sheep, goats, and cattle


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