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  1. Treaty of Vereeniging
  2. Transvaal
  3. ANC
  4. SAIC
  5. Apartheid
  1. a former province in Northeast S. Africa-independent republic formed after Great Trek-resistance to annexation by Britain in 1877 led to Anglo-Boer war
  2. b "separate" a system of discrimination in S. Africa that kept blacks, whites, Asians, and coloureds separate (1948-1990)
  3. c South African Indian Congress, formed by Gandhi to organize Indians and to get their basic rights
  4. d African National Congress formed in 1912 by conservative African men to oppose discrimination. not very successful until after 1930s
  5. e 1910-peace treaty @ the end of the Anglo-Boer war, let British employ cheap labor in the mines, Edward VII = new authority

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  1. a person (especially a black person) from Africa
  2. came to South Africa in 1983-wanted to rid the country of prejudice based on skin color, formed the SAIC
  3. a tribal group made up of Bantu people (2nd largest ethnic group)
  4. hunter-gatherers/farmers who relied on grazing land, sheep, goats, and cattle
  5. 1st major legislation creating separate areas for Europeans and Africans to live

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  1. Battle of Blood Riverfarmers that left the cape colony and moved inland


  2. Mineral Revolutionarea of S. Africa that became a British Colony in 1814, 1910-joined Union of S. Africa


  3. ICUIndustrial and Commercial Workers Union-organized strikes, very successful in 1920s


  4. Contract SystemAfrican mine workers had contracts that bound them to work for long periods of time


  5. colouredtribal group made up of Bantu people (largest ethnic group)


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