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  1. fickle
  2. fugitive
  3. heathen
  4. evade
  5. incredulous
  1. a (verb) to ecape or avoid by cleverness or deceit
  2. b (noun) one who is regarded as irreligious and/or uncivilized
  3. c (adj) instable or changeable (especially in affections)
  4. d (adj) doubtful or unbelieving, skeptical (of something)
  5. e (noun) someone who is fleeing or running away (especially from the law)

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  1. (verb) to hold back or resist
  2. (adj) arousing fear or alarm or awe or admiration
  3. (adj) well known and distinguished
  4. (noun) injustice or unfairness
  5. (verb) to touch or scrape lightly in passing

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  1. herald(noun) one who gives a sign or indication of something to come


  2. flounce(verb) to attribute (something) to a source or cause


  3. ensign(noun) a flag or banner


  4. excise(adj) having no useful result; pointless


  5. impalpable(adj) 1not perceptible to touch; 2dificult to comprehend


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