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  1. deleterious
  2. gratuitous
  3. grisly
  4. Recapitulate
  5. incisive
  1. a DEFINITION: to review a series of facts to sum up SYNONYMS: review summarize sum up go over
  2. b adjective, harmful, injurious
  3. c adjective, sharp, keen, penetrating
  4. d freely given; not called for by circumstances, unwarranted
  5. e adjective, frightful, horrible, ghastly

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  1. adjective, swollen, bloated, filled to excess; over decorated or excessive in language
  2. adjective, side by side, touching; near; adjacent in time
  3. DEFINITION: one who is just a beginner at some activity requiring skill and experience SYNONYMS: neophyte tyro trainee apprentice ANTONYMS: veteran past master pro expert
  4. adjective & adverb, without preparation, offhand, suddenly or hastily done; noun, an extemporaneous composition or remark; a minimal piece suggestive of improvisation
  5. noun, something that is heavy or burdensome; a stigma; blame

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  1. efficaciousadj, extremely harmful; deadly, fatal


  2. paragonnoun, large scale slaughter or loss of life


  3. ostentatiousadj, extremely harmful; deadly, fatal


  4. preeminentnoun, a vague sense of approaching misfortune


  5. Irresoluteverb, to clear from blame, responsibility, or guilt


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