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Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 9-15 Test

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  1. profligate
  2. cupidity
  3. paragon
  4. precocious
  5. incisive
  1. a noun, a model of excellence or perfection
  2. b adjective, showing unusually early development
  3. c noun, an eager desire for something; greed
  4. d adjective, sharp, keen, penetrating
  5. e adjective, given over to dissipation and self-indulgence, immoral; recklessly extravagant; noun, a person given to self-indulgent and wild spending

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. DEFINITION: Conspicuous, standing out from the mass SYNONYMS: Glaring Flagrant blatant ANTONYMS: Unnoticeable Paltry Piddling
  2. verb, to soften, make gentle, to calm, allay; to reduce in intensity
  3. adjective & participle, puzzled, not knowing what to do, at a loss
  4. verb, to restate in other words; noun, a statement that presents a given idea in new language
  5. verb, to scatter widely

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  1. onusnoun, something that is heavy or burdensome; a stigma; blame


  2. reprobateDEFINITION: to make less in amount, degree to subside become less to nullify deduct omit SYNONYMS: Diminish decrease subside let up ANTONYMS: intensify increase magnify wax


  3. buttressadjective, winding, twisted, crooked; highly involved, complex, devious


  4. bulwarkdeserving blame, worthy of condemnation SYNONYMS: guilty delinquent peccant blameworthy ANTONYMS: blameless innocent laudable meritorious


  5. heresyadjective, swollen, bloated, filled to excess; over decorated or excessive in language


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