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  1. thwart
  2. winsome
  3. cupidity
  4. Egregious
  5. accentuate
  1. a verb, to oppose successfully; to prevent, frustrate
  2. b noun, an eager desire for something; greed
  3. c adjective, charming, attractive, pleasing (often suggesting innocence)
  4. d DEFINITION: Conspicuous, standing out from the mass SYNONYMS: Glaring Flagrant blatant ANTONYMS: Unnoticeable Paltry Piddling
  5. e verb, to emphasize, place stress upon

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  1. noun, the beginning, start, earliest stage of some process, institution, etc.
  2. DEFINITION: To revive bring back to consciousness or existence SYNONYMS: Revitalize reanimate restore
  3. adjective, puzzling, perplexing, not easily understood, mysterious
  4. freely given; not called for by circumstances, unwarranted
  5. DEFINITION: Shrewd crafty showing practical wisdom SYNONYMS: shrewd acute sagacious judicious wily ANTONYMS: obtuse doltish empty-headed dumb

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  1. DilatoryDEFINITION: praise or flattery that is excessive SYNONYMS: Adoration Idolization hero-worship ANTONYMS: ridicule derision scorn odium


  2. sanctimoniousadj, moderate, sparing; characterized by abstinence and self-discipline


  3. incontrovertibleadjective, unquestionable, beyond dispute


  4. enhanceadjective, willing to follow advice or authority, tractable, submissive; responsive, amendable to; liable, to be held responsible for


  5. broachnoun, a confused hodgepodge of sounds, hubbub; an uproar or commotion that goes far beyond what is justified


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