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  1. organism that supports a parasite.
  2. diagram that shows the flow of energy through a food chain.
  3. a group of organisms that can mate and produce offspring that in turn can produce more offspring.
  4. a symbiotic relationship in which both species benefit.
  5. all the populations sharing a specific area or region.
  6. a system of several overlapping food chains.

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  1. Food Chaina system of several overlapping food chains.


  2. Parasitisma type of symbiosis that occurs when an organism called a parasite feeds on the cells, tissues, or fluids of another organism call a host.


  3. Decomposerall the organisms that live in an area together with the nonliving things in the environment.


  4. Produceruse the energy of the sun to produce their own food (plants).


  5. Consumerany organism that gets its food by eating other organisms.


  6. Photosynthesischemical process by which plants use light energy to make sugar from water and carbon dioxide.


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