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  1. Community
  2. vacuole
  3. Food Chain
  4. Mutualism
  5. structure
  1. a traces the path of energy as it moves from one organism to the next in an ecosystem.
  2. b the parts of a cell.
  3. c fluid-filled structures that temporarily hold substances needed by the cell, functions like a storage tank, found in plant and animals cells but bigger in plant cells.
  4. d a symbiotic relationship in which both species benefit.
  5. e all the populations sharing a specific area or region.

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  1. all the organisms that live in an area together with the nonliving things in the environment.
  2. "little organs" or structures (parts) within a cell that carry out specific functions (jobs) that keep the cell alive.
  3. houses the chromosomes and DNA that direct cell activity, found in plant and animal cells.
  4. green pigment that captures energy of sunlight and through a chemical reaction (photosynthesis) makes food for the plant, found only in plant cells.
  5. diagram that shows the flow of energy through a food chain.

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  1. Hostorganism that supports a parasite.


  2. cell membranesurrounds and protects the nucleus, functions to allow certain materials in and out of the nucleus, found in plant and animal cells.


  3. cellular respirationin the mitochondria of a cell O2 is chemically combined with glucose (sugar) to release energy (ATP), CO2, and H2O. Happens in plant and animal cells.


  4. Decomposerany organism that gets its food by eating other organisms.


  5. organisma living thing.


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