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  1. Symbiosis
  2. chloroplast
  3. chromosome
  4. tissue
  5. organism
  1. a a close relationship between two species.
  2. b a living thing.
  3. c structures in a plant cell that make glucose and oxygen, function like solar panels, found only in plant cells.
  4. d a collection of similar cells that work together to perform a function.
  5. e genetic structures made of DNA that contain information used to direct cell activity and make new cells, functions like a computer hard drive, found in plant and animal cells.

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  1. the job that structures are designed to do.
  2. a system of several overlapping food chains.
  3. organism that feed on the remains or wastes of other organisms.
  4. gel-like fluid that fills the space in between the organelles, found in plant and animal cells
  5. the parts of a cell.

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  1. Scavengereat the remains of organisms left behind by other animals.


  2. cell walltough outer barrier that protects plant cells and give them shape, functions like the security fence, found only in plant cells.


  3. Commensalisma symbiotic relationship in which both species benefit.


  4. vacuolefluid-filled structures that temporarily hold substances needed by the cell, functions like a storage tank, found in plant and animals cells but bigger in plant cells.


  5. Producerany organism that gets its food by eating other organisms.


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