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  1. marx
  2. French
  3. cohen
  4. patterns of social inequality.
  5. cohort
  1. a suggests that criminality is most common amoung lower class youths because they have the least opportunity to achieve conventional success.
  2. b conflict in industrial societies place capitalists in opposition to the prolettariate
  3. c Category of people with a common characteristic, usually their age
  4. d is the official language of the courts, commerce, and business in Quebec.
  5. e The social-conflict approach draws attention to:

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  1. approaching your research from a male perspective.
  2. Industrial technology, explosive growth of cities, new political change.
  3. a powerfully negative label that greatly changes a person's self concept and social identity
  4. stratification based on merit
  5. a system by which a society ranks categories of ppl in a heirarchy

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  1. Social Stratification:
    Social Mobility within a Class System
    •We are raised to try to do better than our parents,
    and trends are upward, but horizontal social mobility is very common
    • Types of poverty: Relative & absolute


  2. major goal of pioneers of sociology such as Comte and Durkheim, and is shared by modern sociologist as well•Parents treat male and female children differently from birth. In strongly patriarchal societies, female embryos are at risk.
    •Peer groups reinforce gender differences. Boys "play by the rules" to win and girls play different kinds of games that focus on inclusion, cooperation, and communication.
    •Curricula in schools further reinforce a culture's gender roles, but traditional patterns are shifting for girls and they now outperform their male counterparts.
    •The mass media, especially television, also serve to reinforce a culture's gender roles.


  3. Belief:Strong belief in conventional morality and respect for authority figures inhibits deviance.


  4. folkwaysdistinguish between polite and rude EG CHOICE OF CLOTHES


  5. Structural-functional and social-conflictapproaches view societies in broad terms.


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