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  1. Africa
  2. Eurocentrism
  3. Davis-Moore thesis
  4. Lombroso
  5. How do people experience society?
  1. a low-income country
  2. b 1876 worked in prisions and therorized that criminals stand out physically
  3. c the dominance of European cultural patterns.
  4. d social stratification is a universal pattern because it has beneficial consequences for the operation of a society.
  5. e Which question summarizes the focus of the symbolic-interaction approach?

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  1. uses large machinery powered by advanced sources of energy to produce material goods.
  2. -offer the chance to indulge in interests that adults may not share.
    - The structure of the peer group has been shown to be an important factor in understanding peer abuse.
    - The importance of peer groups typically peaks during adolescence.
    - guide choices in dress and music.
  3. though both men and women are victims, women suffer more serious injuries.
  4. + self-image can keep boys from becoming delinquent
  5. supports social inequality between men and women and opposes patriarchy and sexism - seek to end violence against women and give women control over their sexuality and reproduction

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  1. Peasants and serfs became the Proletariat:People labelled deviant:
    Those who threaten private property
    Those who cannot or will not work
    People who resist authority
    People who challenge the status quo (SC)


  2. incomewages/salary from work & earnings from investments


  3. juvenile delinquencyis the violation of legal standards by the young


  4. marxaverage


  5. Involvement:observed that some norm violations provoke reactions from others and have little effect on a person's self concept.


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