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  1. Nonverbal communication
  2. subculture
  3. Gender:
  4. Attachment:
  5. George Murdock's research:
  1. a body movements, gestures, and facial expressions.
  2. b in most preindustrial societies, hunting and warfare
    fall to men and domestic duties to women, but beyond this pattern societies showed variation in tasks.
  3. c personal traits and social positions that
    members of a society attach to being male or female;
    largely a product of cultural socialization and distinction.
  4. d cultural patterns that set apart a segment of a society's population. eg nerds
  5. e Strong social attachments encourage

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  1. 1980 in the marxist tradition - argues that deviant labels are applied to ppl who interfere with the operation of capitalism
  2. the presence of observers prompts police to take stronger control of a situation
  3. Peter Berger characterized the sociological perspective - he meant that sociology help us: see general patterns in the behaviour of particular people
  4. refers to a shared WAY OF LIFE or social heritage

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  1. crimes against propertyinvolves removing the old identity and then building a new self


  2. artifacts.Sociologists refer to physical human creations


  3. Deviance and Gender:75% of property crimes and 84% of all violent crimes are
    committed by males.


  4. role straintension among roles connected to a SINGLE status


  5. statussocial position that a person holds


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