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  1. high culture.
  2. social stratification
  3. gender blindness
  4. manifest functions.
  5. hunting and gathering
  1. a When the variable of sex is not even considered in sociological research
  2. b Cultural patterns that distinguish a society's ELITE are referred to as:
  3. c The recognized and intended consequences of a social pattern
  4. d a system by which a society ranks categories of ppl in a heirarchy
  5. e uses simple tools to hunt animals and gather vegetation

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  1. The weight of evidence indicates that sexual orientation is caused mostly by:
  2. Investigations of cause-and-effect relationships under highly controlled conditions are
    usually called:
  3. All cultures have at least four components in common
  4. Cultural change is caused in three general ways:
  5. Early in the 20th century, most of those who immigrated to Canada came from:

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  1. alienationthe experience of isolation and misery resulting from powerlessness


  2. garfinklesupports social inequality between men and women and opposes patriarchy and sexism - seek to end violence against women and give women control over their sexuality and reproduction


  3. early 20th centuryThe term "sociology" was coined by


  4. family is important to the socialization process-family members teach children skills in early childhood
    - parents greatly affect a child's self-concept
    - families give children social identity in terms of class, ethnicity, and religion
    - family members teach children values and beliefs in early childhood


  5. Low-incomeis a logical system that bases knowledge on direct, systematic observation.


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