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  1. income
  2. Africa
  3. social conflict analysis
  4. Europe and the United Kingdom
  5. Deviance and power
  1. a Early in the 20th century, most of those who immigrated to Canada came from:
  2. b low-income country
  3. c views gender as a dimension of social inequality and conflict - engels tied gender stratification to the developement of private property
  4. d Norms or laws reflect interests of rich & powerful -
    Powerful have resources to resist deviant labels -
    Belief that norms and laws are natural and good masks
    political character(SC)
  5. e wages/salary from work & earnings from investments

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  1. a belief that one sex is innately superior to the other
  2. rendering an offender incapable of further offences temporarily through imprisonment/permanetly by execution
  3. argue that all research is political
  4. The observation that police are more likely to arrest sex workers than their male clients is consistent with which theoretical analysis of sexuality
  5. Cultural patterns that strongly OPPOSE the widely accepted cultural patterns of a society are EG SKINHEADS

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  1. Gender Socialization: Traditional notions of masculine:rational
    sexually aggressive


  2. social conflict paradigmwho & what is labeled deviant by: cultural relativity as compared the standard deviation of cultural means & norms, divided by the # of ppl in the family of the victims of the crime


  3. smith & visherthe presence of observers prompts police to take stronger control of a situation


  4. radicle "survivalists"- upper class (upper-uppers and lower-uppers)
    • About 5% of the population
    - middle class (upper middles and average middles)
    • 40-45% of the population
    - working class
    • 33% of the population
    - lower class
    • 20% of the population


  5. MarxHELPING ANOTHER "save face," or avoid embarrassment, is called:


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