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  1. grimaces
  2. cuffs
  3. drones
  4. obligated
  5. bulldozes
  1. a bound morally or legally; obliged
  2. b hits with the hand; slaps
  3. c forces through or away
  4. d twisting of the face; ugly or funny smiles
  5. e talks in a monotonous tone

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  1. procedures to gain advantage or success; methods
  2. undergoing a chemical change in which sugar changes to alcohol
  3. something that has no distinct or definite shape
  4. printing; engraving
  5. a feeling of another's sorrow that leads to pity, sympathy or help

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  1. hazysomething that has no distinct or definite shape


  2. scowlto look angrily or sullenly by lowering the eyebrows;frown


  3. shardsbroken pieces; fragments


  4. gloweran angry stare


  5. skewedtwisted to one side; slanting


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