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  1. mechanoreceptors
  2. stapes
  3. lens
  4. external auditory canal
  5. 2 parts of the external ear
  1. a lies directly behind the pupil
  2. b either of the passages in the outer ear from the auricle to the tympanic membrane
  3. c stirrup; last of the three auditory ossicles of the middle ear
  4. d auricle and external auditory canal
  5. e respond to changes in pressure or movement

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  1. structures on the tongue that contain the receptor cells for taste
  2. A coiled, bony, fluid-filled tube in the inner ear through which sound waves trigger nerve impulses.
  3. inflammation of the cornea
  4. any of the glands in the eyes that secrete tears
  5. the membrane in the ear that vibrates to sound/eardrum

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  1. ossiclesthe externally visible cartilaginous structure of the external ear


  2. special sense organsmicroscopic receptors widely distributed through body in the skin, musles, tendons, joints and other internal organs of the body


  3. bulbous corpusclesskin, subcutaneous tissue, mucosa of lips and eyelids and external genitals- touch


  4. semicircular canalsthe structures in the ear that are responsible for your sense of balance


  5. vestibular nervenerve that conducts impulses related to maintaining balance to the brain


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