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  1. lens
  2. keratitis
  3. vestibular nerve
  4. muscle spindles
  5. incus
  1. a nerve that conducts impulses related to maintaining balance to the brain
  2. b lies directly behind the pupil
  3. c anvil; middle of the three auditory ossicles of the middle ear
  4. d inflammation of the cornea
  5. e skeletal muscles- proprioception( sense of muscle lenght)

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  1. middle part of the inner ear in front of the semicircular canals and behind the cochlea that contains the utricle and saccule
  2. structures on the tongue that contain the receptor cells for taste
  3. send messages to your brain which allow you to smell
  4. sclera, choroid, and retina
  5. bottom of dent in back of big eye

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  1. conjunctivathe transparent outer covering of the eye "window fo the eye"


  2. bulboid corpusclesskin, subcutaneous tissue, mucosa of lips and eyelids and external genitals- touch


  3. chemoreceptorssmell and taste receptors


  4. tympanic membraneTough, white outer coat of the eyeball


  5. auditory tubethe externally visible cartilaginous structure of the external ear


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