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  1. presbyopia
  2. cochlea
  3. organ of corti
  4. glaucoma
  5. lamellar corpuscles
  1. a Increased pressure in the eye caused by too much aqueous humor
  2. b subcutaneous, submucous, and suberous tissues; aroudn joints, in mammary glands and external genitals of both sexes.- pressure and high frequency vibration
  3. c the hearing organ of the inner ear
  4. d A coiled, bony, fluid-filled tube in the inner ear through which sound waves trigger nerve impulses.
  5. e farsightedness resulting from a reduced ability to focus caused by loss of elasticity of the crystalline lens with age

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  1. meat taste
  2. mucous membrane lining the eyelids and covering the anterior portion of the sclera
  3. Structures on the tongue containing groups of taste receptors, or taste buds
  4. detect touch, pressure, vibration
  5. ear wax

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  1. photoreceptor cellsRespond to light stimulus by producing nervous impulse.


  2. stapesstirrup; last of the three auditory ossicles of the middle ear


  3. fovea centrailsbottom of dent in back of big eye


  4. lensare receptors for daytime vision


  5. 3 anatomical areas of the earexternal, middle, and inner


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