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  1. cones
  2. pupil
  3. muscle spindles
  4. special sense organs
  5. 2 parts of the external ear
  1. a responsible for smell,taste, hearing, vision and equilibrium
  2. b auricle and external auditory canal
  3. c are receptors for daytime vision
  4. d the adjustable opening in the center of the eye through which light enters
  5. e skeletal muscles- proprioception( sense of muscle lenght)

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  1. Passageways in temporal bone
  2. microscopic receptors widely distributed through body in the skin, musles, tendons, joints and other internal organs of the body
  3. connects the ear to the throat
  4. Tough, white outer coat of the eyeball
  5. subcutaneous, submucous, and suberous tissues; aroudn joints, in mammary glands and external genitals of both sexes.- pressure and high frequency vibration

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  1. bulbous corpusclesskin and subcutaneous tissue of fingers- touch and pressure


  2. cochleathe transparent outer covering of the eye "window fo the eye"


  3. lensare receptors for daytime vision


  4. corneathe transparent outer covering of the eye "window fo the eye"


  5. semicircular canalsthe structures in the ear that are responsible for your sense of balance


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