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  1. fief
  2. Ostrogoths
  3. Saxons
  4. Knights
  5. Scholasticism
  1. a One of a tribe of eastern Goths that conquered and ruled Italy from A.D. 493 to 555.
  2. b Germanic people. During the 5th century ad groups from these communities migrated to Britain either by invitation or invasion and in due course founded kingdoms which can generally be recognized by the fact that their names have the suffix 'sex'
  3. c in the Middle Ages, lesser noble who served as a mounted warrior for a lord
  4. d A philosophical and theological system, associated with Thomas Aquinas, devised to reconcile Aristotelian philosophy and Roman Catholic theology in the thirteenth century.
  5. e land granted by a lord to a vassal in exchange for loyalty and service

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  1. 1096 Christian Europe aim to reclaim Jerusalem and aid they Byzantines; 1st success and the rest a failure; weakens the Byzantines; opens up trade
  2. In finance, the purchase of a financial product or other item of value with an expectation of favorable future returns. In general terms, investment means the use money in the hope of making more money.
  3. There were serfs, peasants, merchants, king, nobles, knights, lords. The rise to prominence of this class was one of the most important developments in European society during Medieval Ages.
  4. the current capital of Israel and an ancient city that is holy to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
  5. rich powerful families making up the upper class; managed the kings land/ manor.

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  1. Tripolithe capital and chief port and largest city of Libya


  2. Market economyAn economy that relies chiefly on market forces to allocate goods and resources and to determine prices


  3. Nationalismlove of country and willingness to sacrifice for it


  4. GuildsAssociation of merchants or artisans who cooperated to protect their economic interests


  5. TripoliA port city and commercial center in northwestern Lebanon on the Mediterranean Sea. Lots of trading here.


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