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  1. balk
  2. anathema
  3. saltigrade
  4. chaffinch
  5. uncouth
  1. a Having feet or legs formed for leaping.
  2. b stop, block abruptly
  3. c a detested person
  4. d small European finch with a cheerful song
  5. e lacking refinement or cultivation or taste

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  1. play boisterously
  2. ultimate skepticism; since we can't be sure, suspend all belief
  3. pleasant and beneficial in nature or influence
  4. normal scar resulting from the healing of a wound
  5. of or relating to the sclera of the eyeball

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  1. presentimentthe property characteristic of old age


  2. volublehaving sections or patches colored differently and usually brightly


  3. immanenthaving a strong distinctive fragrance


  4. soubrettesorrowful through loss or deprivation


  5. fatuouspopular dance music of Brazil


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