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  1. balk
  2. approbation
  3. ardor
  4. macabre
  5. abjure
  1. a stop, block abruptly
  2. b a feeling of strong eagerness (usually in favor of a person or cause)
  3. c official recognition or approval
  4. d formally reject or disavow a formerly held belief, usually under pressure
  5. e shockingly repellent

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  1. surrender under agreed conditions
  2. overly sweet
  3. adj. Pertaining to sorrow for sin with desire to amend and to atone.
  4. a state of dishonor
  5. a vision; dream

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  1. analgesicfuse into a whole


  2. baneburden


  3. commensuratemade or declared or believed to be holy


  4. coerceusing few words


  5. allegereport or maintain


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