World History FLVS Module 3

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How did Moctezuma 1 maintain the Triple Alliance?

He divided lands taken in conquest.

)How did Mansa Musa's pilgrimage to Mecca affect those in Mali?

It facilitated an expansion of Islamic learning and culture.

What method do archeologists use to uncover the ruins of ancient cities?


What was the approximate distance between Gao and Timbuktu?

300 miles

How was the way time was measured in Roman culture different from the way it was measured in Mayan culture?

In Mayan culture, the arithmetic system made it easy for illiterate people to calculate time, while in Roman culture only educated people could do so.

How were the European calendars and Mesoamerican calendars similar?

They contained days for religious ceremonies.

Why did the spread of Islam to the Swahili coast help to increase trade there?

Islam unified the cities of the coast and connected them more closely to other Muslim traders.

What did the Zagwe Dynasty and Kongo have in common?

They both adopted Christianity.

)Why was the city of Mogadishu an important trading hub?

Mogadishu is strategically located on the Horn of Africa with access to the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea.

In what way was the empire of Ghana different from the later empire of Mali?

Ghana was mostly animists, and Mali had a Muslim-following leadership.

Why were Camel caravans were an important innovation in trade in West Africa?

Sahara Desert.

What economic factors made Ghana an important trading center?

vast deposits of gold and iron ore to use as trade goods.

Which of the following has helped historians learn about the Inca empire?

the ruins of Machu Picchu.

Which of the following roles would a woman in Incan society not be permitted to fill?


Why was Timbuktu an important location in Mali's empire?

It was a center for learning.

What geographic feature in West Africa had the most to do with the fact that the Empire of Songhai resembled the previous West African empires?

the Niger River.

What trade good most stimulated the trans-Saharan trade between Songhai and North Africa?


Which event marks the final stage in the collapse of the Songhai empire?

an invasion from Morocco.

Which of the following contributed to the start of civil wars and Mali's decline?

struggles over the line of succession.

Who is Sunni Ali?

He was a great leader of Songhai.

What does the story of Sundiata indicate about the society of Mali?

The unification of the Mandé was in important element of Mali society.

Which of the following did the Maya, Aztec, and Inca all have in common?

They all grew corn as their primary crop.

What was the Inca Empire divided into?


Moctezuma I prevented this city from being flooded by constructing a......

dam around the city.

Why did Pacal the Great make a connection between his mother and the divine First Mother of the Mayan religion?

to add legitimacy and stability to his reign.

Which of the following diseases likely killed Huayna Capac and many other Inca?


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