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  1. Which of the following is a general term meaning a blood disease?
    a. hematopathy
    b. hematology
    c. dyscrasia
    d. hemostasis
  2. Which of the following is a pathogen?
    a. foreign material
    b. bacteria
    c. biruses
    d. all are pathogens
  3. Which of the following statements regarding natural immunity is NOT true?
    a. Natural immunity includes receiving antibodies from the mother through the placenta.
    b. It does not require prior exposure to the pathogen.
    c. A good example of natural immunity is the macrophage.
    d. Natural immunity mechanisms are not specific to any particular pathogen.
  1. a C
  2. b D
  3. c A

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  2. B
  3. A
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  1. Which of the following substances is NOT transported by plasma?
    a. oxygen
    b. glucose
    c. calcium
    d. amino acids


  2. Which of the following therapeutic procedures consists of removing plasma from the body and replacing it with donor plasma?
    a. plasma transfusion
    b. phlebotomy
    c. plasmapheresis
    d. plasma aspiration


  3. Which of the following statements regarding the different types of leukocytes is NOT true?
    a. Monocytes release histamine
    b. Eosinophils destroy parasites
    c. Neutrophils are phagocytic
    d. Lymphocytes protect through immunity activity


  4. Which of the following medications is useful for treating autoimmune diseases?
    a. antihistamine
    b. corticosteroid
    c. protease inhibitor
    d. immunosuppressant


  5. Which of the following conditions is cancerous?
    a. Hodgkin's disease
    b. lymphadenitis
    c. AIDs—related complex
    d. sarcoidosis


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