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  1. Which of the following statements regarding leukocytes is NOT true?
    a. A leukocyte has a large nucleus
    b. Agranulocytes have granules in their cytoplashm
    c. Leukocytes protect the body agains pathogens
    d. There are five different types of leukocytes
  2. Which term means pertaining to blood?
    a. sanguinous
    b. hematic
    c. hematologic
    d. both a and b
  1. a B
  2. b D

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  2. B
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  1. Which of the following statements regarding natural immunity is NOT true?
    a. Natural immunity includes receiving antibodies from the mother through the placenta.
    b. It does not require prior exposure to the pathogen.
    c. A good example of natural immunity is the macrophage.
    d. Natural immunity mechanisms are not specific to any particular pathogen.


  2. Which lymph glands are found in the groin region?
    a. axillary
    b. mediastinal
    c. cervical
    d. inguinal


  3. Which term means clotting cell?
    a. erythrocyte
    b. leukocyte
    c. granulocyte
    d. thrombocyte


  4. Which of the following medications keeps a virus from successfully reproducing?
    a. antihistamine
    b. corticosteroid
    c. protease inhibitor
    d. immunosuppressant


  5. Which of the following statements regarding erythrocytes is NOT true?
    a. Hemoglobin is an iron containing molecule inside red blood cells.
    b. Erythrocytes live an average of 120 days
    c. Bilirubin from worn out red blood cells is recycled by the liver.
    d. Worn out erythrocytes are removed by the spleen


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