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  1. de geer
  2. Nevada del Ruiz
  3. rouge waves
  4. kame
  5. zone of wastage
  1. a Larger than normal waves formed when multiple waves join together.
  2. b moraine with ridges underwater
  3. c Composite Volcano, Columbia, Killed 23,000 people in a lahar
  4. d a cone shaped deposit of sediment (formed by a river flowing over the surface of a glacier and into a crevasse)
  5. e zone where there is a net. loss to the glacier when the snow from the previous winter melts as does some ice

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  1. name of the ship that left germany and was robbed and is now responsible for legends off the coast of MAINE on story nights.
  2. # of john hancock (if stacked on top of each other) would equal the amount of ft the glaciers covered 15,000 years ago over boston
  3. the fluid like movement of a glacier can be described as ___________
  4. Greek god of the underworld. (Pro Tip: It's not Hades)
  5. The process of producing new sea floor between two diverging plates

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  1. drumlina ramp shaped DEPOSIT of sediment with one shallow side and one steep-side is known as a _______________ (shallow side represents direction the glacier is moving) glacier moves up the steep end of the deposit.


  2. ice shelfA type of glacier that flows out in all directions from one or more centers and completely obscure all but the highest areas of underlying terrain (appear like an upside bowl and are at least 1 million Sq miles)


  3. deeperfaults in california are ___________ then faults in new england


  4. moderateany material that is pushed by a glacier is known as a ___________________


  5. crag and tailCinder Cone in Mexico, came up out of no where in Dionisio Paulido's corn field, lasted 10 year then stopped, buried town of Paricutan under lava


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