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  1. soda straw
  2. ice sheets
  3. medial moraine
  4. loess
  5. dropstone
  1. a stalactite that looks like a hollow limestone tube
  2. b a ridge of till formed where two glaciers form together
  3. c a rock that was carried by a glacier or iceberg, deposited as the ice melted, and became part of the bedrock
  4. d A type of glacier that flows out in all directions from one or more centers and completely obscure all but the highest areas of underlying terrain (appear like an upside bowl and are at least 1 million Sq miles)
  5. e deposits of wind blown silt

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  1. The theory that proposes that Earth's out shell consists of individual plates that interact in various ways and thereby produce earthquakes, volcanoes, mountains, and the crust itself.
  2. what was the magnitude of the cape ann earthquake?
  3. glaciers that exist in lofty mountain areas, where they usually follow valleys. (advance very slowly)
  4. a giant glacial flood often caused by volcanism
  5. Composite cone, Blew up entire Mediterranean island, might be responsible for myth of Atlantis

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  1. 50 - 100how many earthquakes does massachusetts experience per year?


  2. rouge wavesdeep striations are known as ___________________


  3. sandboilswater is being squeezed (bubbling) to the surface, what does it create? (during liquefaction)


  4. desert pavementspires of ice found in the tropics due to differences in sublimation are known as ____________


  5. main water tableShield, Hawaii, Tallest mountain on Earth when measured from top to bottom


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