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  1. moderate
  2. star dunes
  3. 97.2
  4. triangular facet
  5. (arroyo, wash) (wadi) (donga) (nullah)
  1. a dunes: isolated hills of sand, variable wind direction, up to 90 meters tall
  2. b the triangular face where an arete is cut off by another glacier
  3. c percent of water stored in the ocean
  4. d names for ephemeral streams - streams that carry water only in response to rainfall
  5. e what is MASS.'s earthquake risk

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  1. _______________ indicate the direction that the glacier is moving
  2. pyramid shaped peaks created by the presence of 3 (+) cirques is known as a ______________________
  3. The timeline of earths changing magnetic history.
  4. earthquake near san francisco that was responsible for 67 deaths and ruined a freeway
  5. any boulder moved by a glacier is known as a(n) ____________

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  1. alluvial fanformation when run off falls from the base of mountain


  2. greenlandthe lowering of the water table


  3. soda strawstalactite that looks like a hollow limestone tube


  4. 4how many times better do seismic waves travel through granite than other sediment


  5. sun cupwhat volcanic rock do people use on their hands ?


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