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  1. 3
  2. glacial budget
  3. parabolic dunes
  4. ablation hollows
  5. laurentide
  1. a dunes: vegetation partially covers land, on coastlines, tips point into wind, strong winds, abundant sand
  2. b how many times larger is boston today than it was in 1755
  3. c the balance or lack of balance between accumulation at the upper-end of a glacier and loss at the lower end
  4. d during the last ice age the three ice sheets that covered north america were Cordilleran ,___________________, and Greenland
  5. e irregular feature created in the surface of a glacier due to differences in wind and temperature on the surface of a glacier are called __________

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  1. what is the color of the bands of ogives during summer months ?
  2. a glacier that is melting faster than it is moving forward is ___________
  3. water is being squeezed (bubbling) to the surface, what does it create? (during liquefaction)
  4. giant lake that was built by a glacier acting as a damn, channeled scab lands by a glacial lake outburst
  5. snow that has survived one summer and has begun the process of transformation into ice (usually 25 years) is called

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  1. 4# of ice ages North America has undergone in the past 450,000 years


  2. 6.2what was the magnitude of the cape ann earthquake?


  3. plateGreek god of the underworld. (Pro Tip: It's not Hades)


  4. flowing artesian well______________ are created when a boulder is protecting the ice below it from ablation during sunny weather


  5. barchan dunesdunes: cross between barchan and traverse dunes, moderate amount of sand, similar to traverse dunes but with tips, tips point down wind


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