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  1. plastic
  2. Paricutan
  3. pumice
  4. firn (neve)
  5. light
  1. a what is the color of the bands of ogives during winter months ?
  2. b Cinder Cone in Mexico, came up out of no where in Dionisio Paulido's corn field, lasted 10 year then stopped, buried town of Paricutan under lava
  3. c what volcanic rock do people use on their hands ?
  4. d snow that has survived one summer and has begun the process of transformation into ice (usually 25 years) is called
  5. e the fluid like movement of a glacier can be described as ___________

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  1. mounds/ridges of sand blown from the wind
  2. name of the ship that left germany and was robbed and is now responsible for legends off the coast of MAINE on story nights.
  3. dunes: isolated hills of sand, variable wind direction, up to 90 meters tall
  4. ramp shaped mountain made by rock that is carved by a glacier, steeper side represents the direction the glacier was moving (literally means "sheep back")
  5. process by which a glacier flows over a fractured bedrock surface it loosens and lifts blocks of rock and incorporates them into the ice (occurs when melt water penetrates cracks and joints)

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  1. Ikihow many times better do seismic waves travel through granite than other sediment


  2. chatter marksdunes: isolated hills of sand, variable wind direction, up to 90 meters tall


  3. playa lakea temporary lake that will last only a couple of days


  4. longitudinal dunesdunes: long ridges of sand that form parallel to the prevailing wind and where sand supplies are moderate


  5. zone of saturationarea where the pore spaces are filled with water


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