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  1. The New York Democrat who won the "dirty presidential election of 1884 was...
  2. the dramatic cross of gold speech
  3. Many of the middle class were attracted to progressive reform because they
  4. National Elections between 1856 and 1912 were characterized by...
  5. in the election of 1896 McKinleys campaign manager, who raised an enormous campaign fund from business, was...
  1. a William Jennings bryan
  2. b close elections won mostly by republicans
  3. c felt their ambitions and sense of importance were undermined by the new giant corporations
  4. d Marcus Alonzo Hanna
  5. e Grover Cleveland

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  1. the acceleration of the tendency towards industrial concentration
  2. Senate
  3. Theodore Roosevelt
  4. southern states enacted literacy tests in the 1890s
  5. Theodore roosevelt

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  1. Denunciation of the "American character " came from the editor of which of the following publications?Mc. Clure's


  2. Robert La Follette was particularly associated withpromotion of specialized technical knowledge and legislative reference services to promote progressive reform.


  3. Theodore Roosevelt called the progressive-era journalists who investigated corrupt and fraud in americawoman suffrage


  4. Southern black populists often joined the...William Jennings bryan


  5. In the late 1880s the the Farmers' alliancewas insignificant because with in two decades the country abandoned basing the volume of currency on bullion


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