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  1. The Pendleton Act of 1883 was a triumph for those Americans who sought ____reforms
  2. Southern black populists often joined the...
  3. The presidents during the late 19th century ...
  4. During the late 1800s the legislative body known as the "Rich man's club" was the ...
  5. One of the most suffragists' more successful justifications was the purity argument that
  1. a women's moral superiority would clean up politics If they were given the vote
  2. b Civil service
  3. c colored farmers' alliance
  4. d were lackluster leaders who showed little interests in important contemporary questions.
  5. e Senate

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  1. Progressive mayors
  2. a victimized majority betrayed by the establishment
  3. the solution to social problems was to change the faulty institutions
  4. S.S. McClure
  5. fair deal

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  1. How did politicians respond to the demand for civil service reform?Both Democrats and Republicans insisted it would destroy the political parties.


  2. The New York Democrat who won the "dirty presidential election of 1884 was...Booker T. Washington


  3. the betterment we seek must be accomplished...mainly through the national government" this 1910 calls for the expansion of federal powerTheodore Roosevelt


  4. Headed by Florence Kelly and associated with lawyer Louis brandeis, the most effective women's organization of the progressive era was the...Gave power to poor immigrants


  5. as part of the new freedom the ___act prohibited both price discrimination which encouraged monopolies and interlocking directorates created to control competitionfelt their ambitions and sense of importance were undermined by the new giant corporations


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