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  1. The banner "progressive" state during the early years of the 20th century was
  2. The platform of the People's Populist Party called for a
  3. One of the most suffragists' more successful justifications was the purity argument that
  4. The vacuity of American politics in the late 19th century may have stemmed from the...
  5. During the late 19th century the house of representatives was....
  1. a complacency of the middle-class majority
  2. b women's moral superiority would clean up politics If they were given the vote
  3. c wisconson
  4. d graduated income Tax
  5. e disorderly and inefficient

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  1. Theodore roosevelt
  2. Thomas Fortune
  3. used his power imaginatively and aggressively
  4. the proposal to coin both silver and gold
  5. William Jennings bryan

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  1. The coinage act of 1894 and 1895, at the beginning of Grover Cleveland's presidency, the ecomonyfloundered in one of the worst depressions on American History


  2. one of the most prominent black militants of the progressive Era wasefforts to regulate and control big business


  3. The progressives attempted their first political reforms in thewere lackluster leaders who showed little interests in important contemporary questions.


  4. Major economic developments between 1897 and 1904 waswas insignificant because with in two decades the country abandoned basing the volume of currency on bullion


  5. Headed by Florence Kelly and associated with lawyer Louis brandeis, the most effective women's organization of the progressive era was the...Consumer's league


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