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  1. which statements about the progressives reaction to black militancy is correct?
  2. Rutherford B. Hayes was nominated for the presidency because of his reputation for
  3. In 1892 the populist nominee for presiden was former Union General
  4. as opposed to his successors from Hayes to McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt was
  5. The "bloody shirt" issue of the late 1800s refers to
  1. a being honest and moderate
  2. b James B.Weaver
  3. c Woodrow willson was actively hostile to blacks
  4. d energetic, aggressive, outspoken
  5. e post-civil war sectional tensions

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  1. make the interstate commerce commission more powerful and active
  2. were lackluster leaders who showed little interests in important contemporary questions.
  3. graduated income Tax
  4. Both Democrats and Republicans insisted it would destroy the political parties.
  5. close elections won mostly by republicans

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  1. The earlier group from which the Populists movement emerged was the ....Booker T. Washington


  2. The coinage act of 1894 and 1895, at the beginning of Grover Cleveland's presidency, the ecomonytried but failed to establish cooperatives for their crops because they could not raise the necessary capital rom banks


  3. The progressives attempted their first political reforms in thecities


  4. The____plan was an urban reform, pioneered in Dayton. Ohio, whereby city affairs were administered on a nonpartisan basis by agave the country a central banking system for the first time since Andrew jackson


  5. "if one race be inferior to the other socially, the constitution of the US cannot put them in the same place" The source of this quote was...Plessy v. Ferguson


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