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  1. the dramatic cross of gold speech
  2. In 1892 the populist nominee for presiden was former Union General
  3. the first progressive president and the advocate of the square deal was
  4. The debate over coinage of silver in the 19th century was
  5. Political campaigns during the late 19th century were characterized by ...
  1. a Theodore roosevelt
  2. b James B.Weaver
  3. c superficial because the key question was halting the inflationary spiral of economy.
  4. d character assassinations, bribery, and fraud.
  5. e William Jennings bryan

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  1. efforts to regulate and control big business
  2. W.E.B Du Bois
  3. William Marcy Tweed
  4. Gave power to poor immigrants
  5. Mc. Clure's

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  1. taft got into political water in the 1910 ballinger pinchhot controversy, which dealt withmost immigrants knew little about democracy


  2. The platform of the People's Populist Party called for agraduated income Tax


  3. The Pendleton Act of 1883 was a triumph for those Americans who sought ____reformsCivil service


  4. Ultimately the battle between gold and silverwas insignificant because with in two decades the country abandoned basing the volume of currency on bullion


  5. "if one race be inferior to the other socially, the constitution of the US cannot put them in the same place" The source of this quote was...woman suffrage


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