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  1. Comparing and contracting McKinley to Bryan in the election of 1896
  2. when it was passed in 1913 the federal reserve act
  3. the first progressive president and the advocate of the square deal was
  4. In the late 1880s the the Farmers' alliance
  1. a Theodore roosevelt
  2. b Bryan's approach was parochial, whereas McKinley's was national
  3. c tried but failed to establish cooperatives for their crops because they could not raise the necessary capital rom banks
  4. d gave the country a central banking system for the first time since Andrew jackson

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  1. suing to have it desolved under the Sherman anti trust act.
  2. most immigrants knew little about democracy
  3. a victimized majority betrayed by the establishment
  4. conservation
  5. a bank syndicate headed by J.P. Morgan underwrote a new bond issue and saved the government from bankruptcy

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  1. Woodrow's platform includedfair deal


  2. Political campaigns during the late 19th century were characterized by ...close elections won mostly by republicans


  3. The black militant who founded the Afro-American League and called for blacks to use violence when attacked by whites wassouthern states enacted literacy tests in the 1890s


  4. Tafts major liability as president was hislack of physical and mental stamina


  5. one of the most prominent black militants of the progressive Era wasTheodore roosevelt


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