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  1. which statements about the progressives reaction to black militancy is correct?
  2. as opposed to his successors from Hayes to McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt was
  3. one of the most prominent black militants of the progressive Era was
  4. Russian immigrants and political activists Emma Goldman
  5. The progressives attempted their first political reforms in the
  1. a cities
  2. b Woodrow willson was actively hostile to blacks
  3. c energetic, aggressive, outspoken
  4. d W.E.B Du Bois
  5. e was in many ways a typical American immigrant

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  1. Mc. Clure's
  2. in religious affiliations, geographic location, and ethnic backgrounds.
  3. promotion of specialized technical knowledge and legislative reference services to promote progressive reform.
  4. east, Midwest and pacific coast
  5. lack of physical and mental stamina

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  1. the dramatic cross of gold speechWilliam Jennings bryan


  2. Blacks in the South were not totally disfranchised or segregated untilsouthern states enacted literacy tests in the 1890s


  3. On the national Level, the progressive Era saw the completion of the struggle forTheodore roosevelt


  4. what happened to Wilson's New freedom once he was president ?strongly prejudiced against them


  5. Minnesota Populist who saw himself as an authority on Shakespeare, economics, and science wasJames B.Weaver


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