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  1. Conservatism
  2. Communism
  3. Technological Advancements
  4. Realpolitik
  5. British East India Company
  1. a A joint stock company that controlled most of India during the period of imperialism. This company controlled the political, social, and economic life in India for more than 200 years.
  2. b means being very conservative. The government ruled with a monarchy and the ruler didn't trust any ordinary people. In conservatism they used the estate system - first estate - 2nd estate- 3rd estate. This was important because conservatism rule was very stable - it was a stable rule
  3. c Political theory, advocated by Bismarck, that national success justifies any means possible
  4. d it changed the way people lived and worked. The increase in technology to move things (steam engine) and make things (weave cotton) made cottage industry inefficient. Inventors - invented advanced machines to make production of goods quicker and easier. Steam power transformed both farm production and the transportation system.
  5. e everyone has a job and live in small communities. They enjoy working and living together. They also share most everything and work hard. This system soon came to an end. (a utopian society). Revolution of the high class - then dictatorship over working class (NO private property)
    Phase 1 - revolution, boargeosies vs proletariats
    Phase 2 - take control (dictate) of everything

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  1. .In 1830s, nationalist leader, Giuseppe Mazzini, founded Young Italy whose goal was to constitute Italy as one free independent, republican nation. In 1860, ally of Mazzini, Giuseppe Garibaldi recruited volunteers and won control of Sicily. Next, Garibaldi turned Naples and Sicily over to Victor Emmanuel. Successors of Count Camillo Cavour acquired Venetia and soon Rome was won back when France had to withdraw its troops during the Franco-Prussian War. Last, Italy becomes a united nation, which it hadn't been since the fall of the Roman Empire. Butt... Young Italy had many problems, too. North and South Italy had many disputes and there was hostility between church and state. When turmoil occurred, the government was forced to extend rights to more men and improve social conditions. However, by 1914, Italy was better off than it had been in 1861.
  2. this was based off of being loyal to your country. In ____________ you were supposed to feel a sense of ride and national identity. This was significant because you were supposed to unify and come together. You all have a common enemy and the same religion.
  3. was a diplomatic agreement that carved up a weaker people's territory into areas dominated by an imperialist country, extremely humiliating to the weaker people.
  4. The Quadruple Alliance met, to discuss the Balance of Power. Great Britian got to have their conquered colonies, Austria got Venetia and Lombardy and Polis lands, and Prussia and Russia were compensated.
  5. Italian nationalist
    recruits 1,000 Red Shirt volunteers who conquer Sicily and Napels
    gives his won land to Cavour

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  1. Taiping Rebellionthis was a movement to restore China to the Chinese. A group of shadow boxers that beieved that they could dodge bullets. They hated foreigners and Chinese converts to Christianity. They killed many people until they were stopped by the british.


  2. English Reform BillsToussaint l'Ouverture led this uprising, which in 1790 resulted in the successful overthrow of French colonial rule on this Caribbean island. This revolution set up the first black government in the Western Hemisphere and the world's second democratic republic (after the US). The US was reluctant to give full support to this republic led by former slaves.


  3. Leopold IIPolitical theory, advocated by Bismarck, that national success justifies any means possible


  4. Capitalismis a system where anyone can own anything privately, but at the same time you must work hard. In this system very many things are given to you by the government. Especially welfare, also things like armies and hospitals. Equalness is key


  5. Chinese Commercial Systems (Tribute)a way of paying homage to Emperor by bringing gifts and performing kowtow (deep ceremonial bow)


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