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  1. gerrymander
  2. sophistry
  3. partisan
  4. raconteur
  5. jovial
  1. a a plausible but deliberately misleading or fallacious argument designed to deceive someone
  2. b to divide a geographic area into voting districts so as to give unfair advantage to one party in elections
  3. c a person who excels in telling
  4. d good-humored; cheerful; jocular
  5. e a supporter of a person, party, or cause; a person with strong and perhaps biased beliefs

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  1. a person who gives up material comforts and leads a life of self-denial, especially as an act of religious devotion
  2. the highest point; the peak; the apex
  3. a person who hates or distrusts humankind
  4. a beginner; someone new to a field or activity
  5. a disloyal person who betrays his or her cause; a traitor; a deserter

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  1. pandemoniuma wild uproar; tumult


  2. polymatha person whose expertise spans a significant number of subject areas


  3. clairvoyanta fake; fraud; imposter; cheat


  4. halcyonidyllically calm and peaceful; an untroubled golden time of satisfaction, happiness, and tranquility


  5. prognosticatora person who makes predictions based upon current information of data


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