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  1. quixotic
  2. charlatan
  3. rhetorician
  4. picayune
  5. neophyte
  1. a a fake; fraud; imposter; cheat
  2. b a beginner; someone new to a field or activity
  3. c small value or importance; petty; trifling
  4. d an eloquent writer or speaker; a master of rhetoric
  5. e foolishly impractical in the pursuit of ideals; impractical idealism

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  1. a person who makes predictions based upon current information of data
  2. a person doubts, asks questions
  3. an expert commentator; an authority who expresses his or her opinion, usually on political issues
  4. a person seeks favor by flattering people of influence; a today; someone who behaves in an obsequious or servile manner.
  5. very brief; concise; succinct; terse

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  1. sophistrysimple; plain; austere


  2. reclusea person who leads a seluded or solitary life


  3. proponenta person with great talent; a young genius


  4. halcyonidyllically calm and peaceful; an untroubled golden time of satisfaction, happiness, and tranquility


  5. maudlintearful; excessively sentimental, but not mawkish


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