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  1. nefarious
  2. martinet
  3. zealot
  4. picayune
  5. bowdlerize
  1. a to remove or delete parts of a book, song or other work that are considered offensive; to expurgate
  2. b a strict disciplinarian, a person who demands absolute adherence to forms and rules
  3. c small value or importance; petty; trifling
  4. d famous for being wicked
  5. e a very enthusiastic person; a champion; a true believer, perhaps to an excessive degree; a fanatic

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  1. characterized by very strick laws, rules, and punishments
  2. the lowest point; the bottom
  3. a person who hates or distrusts humankind
  4. to divide a geographic area into voting districts so as to give unfair advantage to one party in elections
  5. a person who excels in telling

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  1. skeptica person doubts, asks questions


  2. prodigya person with great talent; a young genius


  3. bunglersomeone who is clumsy or inept; a person who makes mistakes because of incompetence


  4. pandemoniuma person who believes that a pleasure is the chief goal of life


  5. sycophanta person seeks favor by flattering people of influence; a today; someone who behaves in an obsequious or servile manner.


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