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  1. misanthrope
  2. prognosticator
  3. galvanize
  4. reprobate
  5. oracle
  1. a a morally unprincipled person
  2. b a person considered to be oracular, that is a source of wise counsel or prophetic opinions
  3. c a person who makes predictions based upon current information of data
  4. d a person who hates or distrusts humankind
  5. e to electrify; to stir into action as if with an electric shock

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  1. a person who believes that a pleasure is the chief goal of life
  2. a person with great talent; a young genius
  3. a person who excels in telling
  4. simple; plain; austere
  5. discovery by fortunate accident

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  1. fiascoa complete failure; a debacle


  2. martineta strict disciplinarian, a person who demands absolute adherence to forms and rules


  3. demagoguea leader who appeals to the fears, emotions, and prejudices of the populace


  4. zealota very enthusiastic person; a champion; a true believer, perhaps to an excessive degree; a fanatic


  5. picayunesmall value or importance; petty; trifling


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