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  1. Mrs. Dubose
  2. Personification
  3. Consonance
  4. Rosaline
  5. Lady Montague
  1. a there rude old neighbor
  2. b giving somthing nonhuman characteristics/ equalites
  3. c romeos x-love
  4. d the close repetition of the same constants of stressed syllables with differing vowels
  5. e romeos mother- dies, due to anxiety from the banishment of her son

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  1. words appeal to one or more of these senses
  2. scouts 1st grade teacher
  3. dills aunt
  4. scout and jems dad
  5. Juliets Father

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  1. tybaltjem and scouts bestfriend who visits in the summer


  2. Jem Finchtells the 2 familys that if they fight again he will kill them, bands romeo


  3. Mayella Ewellthe women who acused tom


  4. Dilla comparison using like or as


  5. Stanzagrouping of lines in poetry


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