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  1. Consonance
  2. The Prince
  3. assonance
  4. Tom Robinson
  5. Miss. Caroline
  1. a tells the 2 familys that if they fight again he will kill them, bands romeo
  2. b the relatively close juxtaposition of the same or similar vowel sounds but with a different end
  3. c the close repetition of the same constants of stressed syllables with differing vowels
  4. d black man who got acused for rape
  5. e scouts 1st grade teacher

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  1. the town drunnk who married a black women
  2. the newspaper author
  3. Mayellas dad, the person who was trying to kill jem and scout
  4. married romeo and juliet-created plan
  5. Juliets Mother

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  1. Lord CapuletJuliets Mother


  2. Scout Finchscout and jems dad


  3. Benvolioprotagonist -in love with juliet- dies


  4. Dilljem and scouts bestfriend who visits in the summer


  5. Judge Taylorthe judge of the town


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