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  1. The Nurse
  2. Dill
  3. Balthsar
  4. Figurative Language
  5. Judge Taylor
  1. a language which means somthing different than what is literally stated
  2. b jem and scouts bestfriend who visits in the summer
  3. c the judge of the town
  4. d romeo/friar laurence's messenger
  5. e juliets mother like figure

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  1. the newspaper author
  2. an exageration
  3. Romeos cousin
  4. the women who acused tom
  5. Protagonist of the story

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  1. Tom Robinsondog with rabies


  2. Personificationromeos cousin-dies


  3. Tim Johnsondog with rabies


  4. MercutioRomeos cousin


  5. Romeoecho effect produced when a writer repeats the same sounds at the ends


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