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  1. Lord Capulet
  2. Judge Taylor
  3. assonance
  4. Rosaline
  5. Aunt Alexandra
  1. a romeos x-love
  2. b the relatively close juxtaposition of the same or similar vowel sounds but with a different end
  3. c jem and scouts aunt
  4. d Juliets Father
  5. e the judge of the town

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  1. Protagonist of the story
  2. the close repetition of the same constants of stressed syllables with differing vowels
  3. romeos cousin-dies
  4. words appeal to one or more of these senses
  5. romeos father

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  1. Tim Johnsondog with rabies


  2. Romeoprotagonist -in love with juliet- dies


  3. Helen Robinsontoms wife


  4. Coupleta ryhmed pair


  5. Free Versejuliets mother like figure


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