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  1. Boo Radley
  2. Mr. Underwoood
  3. Shakespeare Sonnet
  4. Calpurnia
  5. Couplet
  1. a the mysterious neighbor, who saved jem and scout from bob ewell
  2. b the finchs (slave) mother like figure to jem and scout
  3. c the newspaper author
  4. d a ryhmed pair
  5. e long poem

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  1. the women who acused tom
  2. dog with rabies
  3. romeos mother- dies, due to anxiety from the banishment of her son
  4. there rude old neighbor
  5. the judge of the town

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  1. Imagerya comparison using like or as


  2. Metaphorgrouping of lines in poetry


  3. HyperboleJuliets cousin, great fighter- dies


  4. Romeoprotagonist -in love with juliet- dies


  5. Rosalinea comparison using like or as


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