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  1. intron
  2. exon
  3. histone
  4. ribosomal RNA (rRNA)
  5. codon
  1. a sequence og DNA that is not involved in coding for a protein
  2. b type of RNA that makes up the major part of a ribosome
  3. c protein molecule around which DNA is tightly coiled in chromatin
  4. d expressed sequence of DNA ; codes for a protein
  5. e three-nucleotide sequence on messenger RNA that codes for a single amino acid

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  1. condition in which an organism has extra sets of chromosomes
  2. principle that bonds in DNA can form only between adenine and thymine and between guanine and cytosine
  3. RNA molecule that carries copies of instructions for the assembly of amino acids into proteins from DNA to the rest of the cell
  4. virus that infects bacteria
  5. process in which part of the nucleotide sequence of DNA is copied into a complementary sequence in RNA

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  1. nucleotidechange in a DNA sequence that affects genetic information


  2. operatorgroup of genes operating together


  3. promoterregion of DNA that indicates to an enzyme where to bind to make RNA


  4. anticodonthree-nucleotide sequence on messenger RNA that codes for a single amino acid


  5. operongroup of genes operating together


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