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  1. Microhematocrit
  2. Lancet
  3. Reagent
  4. Morphology
  5. agar
  1. a a sharp pointed instrument used to pierce the skin to obtain a capillary blood sample
  2. b packed cell volume that measures the proportion of blood volume that is occupied by red blood cells
  3. c a branch of biology dealing with the form and structure of organisms
  4. d a substance involved in chemical reaction
  5. e a dried mucilaginous substance or gelitin extracted from algae; used as a culture

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  1. Personal Protective Equipment
  2. a hole made by something pointed
  3. a tumor or swelling that contains blood
  4. to scatter or spread
  5. ability to return to shape after being stretched

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  1. Hcthematocrit


  2. Panic valuethe important indicator on a lab test that indicates immediate notification of the health care provider


  3. Metabolismthe successive transformations to which a substance from the time it enters the body to the time it or its decomposition products are excreted, and by which nutrition is accomplished and energy and living substance are provided


  4. AIDSacquired immunodeficiency syndrome


  5. Centrifugea machine for separation of heavier materials from lighter ones through the use of centrifugal force


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