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  1. HHS
  2. Hct
  3. Hemolysis
  4. AIDS
  5. Sterile
  1. a hematocrit
  2. b dissolution, the breaking down of red blood cells
  3. c acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
  4. d Department of Health and Human Services
  5. e without any organisms

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  1. a malignant tumor or growth; specifically the hyperplasia of cells with infiltration and destruction of tissue
  2. product of metabolism generated from carbohydrates fatty acids and amino acids in humans
  3. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
  4. combine or supply with oxygen
  5. blood plasma in which clotting factors( such as fibrin) have been removed naturally by allowing blood to clot prior to isolating the liquid component

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  1. Plasmathe liquid part of lymph and blood


  2. Compensatecombine or supply with oxygen


  3. PKUEar, Nose, Throat


  4. Sputumspit


  5. Urinalysisdissolution, the breaking down of red blood cells


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