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  1. Pediatric
  2. AIDS
  3. Metabolism
  4. Ketone
  5. Quality control
  1. a the successive transformations to which a substance from the time it enters the body to the time it or its decomposition products are excreted, and by which nutrition is accomplished and energy and living substance are provided
  2. b inclusive lab procedures as standards to provide reliable performance of equipment including test control samples documentation and analyzing statistics for diagnosis tests
  3. c acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
  4. d the branch of medicine dealing with the care of children and their diseases
  5. e product of metabolism generated from carbohydrates fatty acids and amino acids in humans

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  1. dissolution, the breaking down of red blood cells
  2. the liquid part of lymph and blood
  3. Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments
  4. a biochemical test that measures the level of a substance in a biologic liquid, typically serum or urine using the reaction of an antibody or antibodies to its antigen
  5. refers to determining the number of leukocyte in a cubic mm of blood

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  1. Technicalreferring to some particular art, science, or trade; also requiring special skill or technique


  2. CMSDepartment of Health and Human Services


  3. bilirubinClinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments


  4. Oxygenatecombine or supply with oxygen


  5. PPEPersonal Protective Equipment


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