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  1. Cholesterol
  2. Elasticity
  3. Metabolism
  4. Puncture
  5. Centrifuge
  1. a a machine for separation of heavier materials from lighter ones through the use of centrifugal force
  2. b ability to return to shape after being stretched
  3. c a sterol present in the tissues which contributes to heart disease when elevated; transported into the blood plasma of all animals
  4. d a hole made by something pointed
  5. e the successive transformations to which a substance from the time it enters the body to the time it or its decomposition products are excreted, and by which nutrition is accomplished and energy and living substance are provided

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  1. refers to determining the number of leukocyte in a cubic mm of blood
  2. combine or supply with oxygen
  3. referring to some particular art, science, or trade; also requiring special skill or technique
  4. a malignant tumor or growth; specifically the hyperplasia of cells with infiltration and destruction of tissue
  5. Human Immunodeficiency Virus

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  1. Pediatrica urine test that is positive in urinary tract infections from the presence of bacteria reducing nitrates to nitrite


  2. Exudatespus; the collection of purulent material in a cavity


  3. bilirubinblood in the urine


  4. CLIAClinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments


  5. Urinalysisan analysis of the urine, a test performed on urine to determine its characteristics


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