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  1. Immunoassays
  2. Centrifuge
  3. Oxygenate
  4. Pediatric
  5. CMS
  1. a combine or supply with oxygen
  2. b Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
  3. c a biochemical test that measures the level of a substance in a biologic liquid, typically serum or urine using the reaction of an antibody or antibodies to its antigen
  4. d a machine for separation of heavier materials from lighter ones through the use of centrifugal force
  5. e the branch of medicine dealing with the care of children and their diseases

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  1. a solution use to test for the presence of occult blood in stool
  2. to made amends; be equivalent to
  3. well advanced in art, occupation or skill or branch of knowledge; usually knowledgeable
  4. an analysis of the urine, a test performed on urine to determine its characteristics
  5. colorless product of Bilirubin reduction formed in the intestines by bacterial action

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  1. OSHAClinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments


  2. Technicalreferring to some particular art, science, or trade; also requiring special skill or technique


  3. Gaugethe size of a needle bore; the smaller the number the larger the needle bore


  4. Glucosethe size of a needle bore; the smaller the number the larger the needle bore


  5. ReagentEar, Nose, Throat


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