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  1. Hemolysis
  2. Specimen
  3. Cancer
  4. Immunoassays
  5. STAT
  1. a a malignant tumor or growth; specifically the hyperplasia of cells with infiltration and destruction of tissue
  2. b dissolution, the breaking down of red blood cells
  3. c immediately
  4. d a biochemical test that measures the level of a substance in a biologic liquid, typically serum or urine using the reaction of an antibody or antibodies to its antigen
  5. e a sample. Representative piece of a whole

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  1. hematocrit
  2. the important indicator on a lab test that indicates immediate notification of the health care provider
  3. the branch of medicine dealing with the care of children and their diseases
  4. the liquid part of lymph and blood
  5. a sharp pointed instrument used to pierce the skin to obtain a capillary blood sample

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  1. HHShepatitis B virus


  2. OSHAClinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments


  3. ReagentEar, Nose, Throat


  4. Magnifyto make something look larger than in normally is


  5. WaivedHuman Immunodeficiency Virus


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