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  1. measurement?
  2. comparative scales? constant, rank order, pairing CRO
  3. likert?
  4. interval scale?
  5. chi square?
  1. a statistical test of the relationship between variables
    -sig <.05 relationship exists
  2. b assigning numbers/symbols to object according to pre-specified, uniform rules that do not change
  3. c agreement or disagreement to a statement about the stimulus
  4. d measures distance between any two points on scale
    -random start and measurement
    -based on additional statistical techniques
    e.g likert
  5. e direct comparison
    -ordinal or rank properties
    e.g. constant sum, rank order, paired comparison

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  1. oxymoronic words on a scale
  2. labeling
  3. quantitative, who what where when how
  4. scaled independently
    -interval or ratio scaled
    e.g. continuous/itemized rating scale- likert, semantic, stapel
  5. disguise e.g. phrasing in third person, using innocuous questions

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  1. market share?total of all available options in terms their attribute levels e.g 0,1,1


  2. problems are depicted on a?problem and opportunities


  3. constant sum?assigning a figure of importance to each attribute to total 100


  4. inability to answer?-uncertainty- provide alternatives
    -avoid generalisations and estimates


  5. interview methods?personal


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