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  1. Eli Whitney
  2. Kansas-Nebraska Act
  3. Congress
  4. Populism
  5. union
  1. a inventor of the cotton gin
  2. b a group of people that works together to improve the rights of worker's of a certain industry
  3. c a grassroots movement, supported mostly by farmers in KS
  4. d Passed in 1854, created popular soveriegnty, allowing people to vote whether to be a slave or free state
  5. e the group of people who make up the Legislative Branch

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  1. the phase the US went through after the Civil War trying to rebuild the country
  2. strategy used by the United States to destroy the Native Americans
  3. conflict in Kansas from 1850 to 1858 with a lot of violence
  4. new techniques to help stop the spread of the Dust Bowl
  5. section of the Constitution that deals with how the constitution can be changed with amendments

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  1. Manifest Destinythe power of a government to take private property for public use


  2. 14th amendmentgave voting rights to African-American men


  3. schoolsman-made water ways that connected rivers to each other


  4. exportssending something OUT of the country, selling


  5. climate changethe reason why many Native Americans died after being relocated to Kansas


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