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  1. scarcity
  2. juvenile
  3. veto
  4. monopoly
  5. urban
  1. a insufficiency or shortness of supply
  2. b dealing with young persons
  3. c when the president rejects a bill
  4. d living in the middle of a city, downtown
  5. e when one business controls all production of a good and can set their own prices

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  1. this invention DECREASED the cost of producting cotton
  2. time from 1930-1940 in which the US economy was down and unemployment was very high
  3. the process of leaving the stalk of a plant in the ground after harvesting, used to prevent soil erosion
  4. president who purchased the Louisiana Purchase
  5. a grassroots movement, supported mostly by farmers in KS

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  1. popular sovereigntythe idea that people should be allowed to vote on the issue of slavery in their new state


  2. Nicodemusdeltas, tidelands, and peninsulas are physical characteristics of this geographic region


  3. trade-offtax on an imported good


  4. William Jennings Bryanman who ran for president as a Populist


  5. Article Vchanges to the constitution


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