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  1. eminent domain
  2. Exodusters
  3. Eli Whitney
  4. strike
  5. William Allen White
  1. a inventor of the cotton gin
  2. b the power of a government to take private property for public use
  3. c refusing to work your job until you are paid more or offered better incentives
  4. d poor freed slaves from the Deep South that moved to Kansas to create a new way of life
  5. e famous writer from Emporia, was a Progressive and worked to destroy the KKK, also wrote "What's the Matter with Kansas?"

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  1. the trial which established the concept of judicial review
  2. the process of adding new states to the United States
  3. insufficiency or shortness of supply
  4. a grassroots movement, supported mostly by farmers in KS
  5. the idea that people should be allowed to vote on the issue of slavery in their new state

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  1. Homestead Acta special act of Congress (1862) that made public lands in the West available to settlers without payment, usually in lots of 160 acres, to be used as farms. (as long as people could IMPROVE the land)


  2. physical geographythis group interperts the law


  3. Robert Fultoninventor of the steam boat


  4. 2/3people living outside of cities


  5. trade-offwhen the president rejects a bill


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