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  1. Nicodemus
  2. canals
  3. Jefferson
  4. cotton
  5. Mayflower Compact
  1. a a town created by African-Americans in western Kansas after migrating away from the south
  2. b the most important crop in the south before the Civil War
  3. c the pilgrims wrote this document to help establish a social contract (or set of rules) for their new colony
  4. d man-made water ways that connected rivers to each other
  5. e president who purchased the Louisiana Purchase

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  1. Allowed two states to join the US, created a line that said no slavery north of it
  2. a group of documents written by James Madison that encouraged people to SUPPORT the Constitution
  3. a group of persons sent by a church to carry on religious work, esp. evangelization in foreign lands, and often to establish schools, hospitals, etc.
  4. this group interperts the law
  5. an anti-slavery person living in Kansas

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  1. immigrationthe act of people coming IN to a country


  2. textile millsthe first forms of factories in the New England states, created cloth items


  3. emmigrationthe act of people LEAVING a country


  4. supply and demandthe basics of economics, determines the price of goods


  5. Bill of Rightsif a business wanted to expand its workforce, ________________ would attract new employees


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