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  1. Supreme Court
  2. Bill of Rights
  3. depleting buffalo
  4. strike
  5. canals
  1. a refusing to work your job until you are paid more or offered better incentives
  2. b strategy used by the United States to destroy the Native Americans
  3. c the first 10 amendements of the Constitution, used to grant freedoms to each citizen
  4. d man-made water ways that connected rivers to each other
  5. e head of the Judicial Branch

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  1. the group of people who make up the Legislative Branch
  2. a trail used for IMMIGRANTS moving to lands in the west
  3. Passed in 1854, created popular soveriegnty, allowing people to vote whether to be a slave or free state
  4. people living outside of cities
  5. a trail used for ECONOMIC and TRADE in the west

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  1. Medicine Lodge Treatythe power of the Supreme Court to declare acts of congress unconstitutional


  2. Wyandotte Constitutionthe constitution we use in KS today, outlawed slavery


  3. vetoan embankment designed to prevent the flooding of a river


  4. interchangeable partswars between white settlers and Natives


  5. Manifest Destinythe power of a government to take private property for public use


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