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  1. PRO
  2. Diag
  3. Pulpitis
  4. TBI
  5. RC
  1. a Root Canal
  2. b inflammation at the pulp which gives tooth ache
  3. c Tooth Brushing Instructions
  4. d Prohylaxis
  5. e Diagnosis

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  1. Surface of tooth that faces an adjacent tooth
  2. Proximal
  3. Presure from inflammatory swelling and pus at the root
  4. Gum Treatment
  5. Oral Hygine

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  1. grovelinear channel of the surface of the tooth


  2. hyperemiaabnormal increase in the amount of blood vessels in the pulp


  3. Tempestimate


  4. pulpectomycomplete removal of pulp, pulp chamber and root cannel


  5. fissuredeep groove or cleft


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