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  1. lethargic
  2. leniency
  3. laud
  4. listless
  5. litigation
  1. a V. praise. The NFL lauded Boomer Esiason's efforts to raise money to combat cystic fibrosis. laudable, laudatory, ADJ.
  2. b ADJ. lacking in spirit or energy. We had expected him to be full of enthusiasm and were surprised by his listless attitude.
  3. c ADJ. drowsy; dull. The stuffy room made her lethargic: she felt as if she was about to nod off.
  4. d N. lawsuit. Try to settle this amicably; I do not want to become involved in litigation. litigant, N.
  5. e N. mildness; permissiveness. Considering the gravity of the offense, we were surprised by the leniency of the sentence.

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  1. ADJ. liberal; wasteful. The actor's lavish gifts pleased her. also V.
  2. V. hang around; linger. The policeman told him not to loiter in the alley.
  3. N. record of a voyage or flight; record of day to day activities. "Flogged two seamen today for insubordination" wrote Captain Bligh in the Bounty's log. To see how much work I've accomplished recently, just take a look at the number of new files listed on my computer log.
  4. ADJ. like a lion. He was leonine in his rage.
  5. N. dictionary. I cannot find this word in any lexicon in the library.

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  1. loatheV. detest. Booing and hissing, the audience showed how much they loathed the wicked villain.


  2. lollN. metal-bearing vein. If this lode that we have discovered extends for any distance, we have found a fortune.


  3. lineamentsN. descent; ancestry. He traced his lineage back to Mayflower days.


  4. larcenyN. theft. Because of the prisoner's record, the district attorney refused to reduce the charge from grand larceny to petty larceny.


  5. limberADJ. flexible. Hours of ballet classes kept him limber.


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