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  1. loath
  2. limpid
  3. lechery
  4. liaison
  5. lateral
  1. a ADJ. coming from the side. In order to get good plant growth, the gardener must pinch off all lateral shoots.
  2. b N. lustfulness; impurity in thought and deed. In his youth he led a life of lechery and debauchery; he did not mend his ways until middle age. lecherous, ADJ.
  3. c ADJ. clear. A limpid stream ran through his property.
  4. d N. contact keeping parts of an organization in communication; go-between; secret love affair. As the liaison between the American and British forces during World War II, the colonel had to ease tensions between the leaders of the two armies. Romeo's romantic liaison with Juliet ended in tragedy.
  5. e ADJ. reluctant; disinclined. Romeo and Juliet were both loath for him to go.

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  1. N. supplicatory prayer. On this solemn day, the congregation responded to the prayers of the priest during the litany with fervor and intensity.
  2. N. humorous short verse. The limerick form is the best; its meter is pure anapest. A limerick's fun for most everyone, and the word may occur on your test.
  3. N. lassitude; depression. His friends tried to overcome the languor into which he had fallen by taking him to parties and to the theater.
  4. N. understatement for emphasis. To say, "He little realizes," when we mean that he does not realize at all, is an example of the kind of understatement we call litotes.
  5. V. lounge about. They lolled around in their chairs watching television.

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  1. latitudeN. freedom from narrow limitations. I think you have permitted your son too much latitude in this matter.


  2. licentiousADJ. amoral; lewd and lascivious; unrestrained. Unscrupulously seducing the daughter of his host, Don Juan felt no qualms about the immorality of his licentious behavior.


  3. leavenV. cause to rise or grow lighter; enliven. As bread dough is leavened, it puffs up, expanding in volume.


  4. leniencyN. mildness; permissiveness. Considering the gravity of the offense, we were surprised by the leniency of the sentence.


  5. levyV. impose (a fine); collect (a payment). Crying "No taxation without representation," the colonists demonstrated against England's power to levy taxes.


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