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  1. lassitude
  2. levy
  3. lambaste
  4. loquacious
  5. lavish
  1. a V. beat; thrash verbally or physically. It was painful to watch the champion lambaste his opponent, tearing into him mercilessly.
  2. b ADJ. talkative. Though our daughter barely says a word to us these days, put a phone in her hand and see how loquacious she can be: our phone bills are out of sight! loquacity, N.
  3. c V. impose (a fine); collect (a payment). Crying "No taxation without representation," the colonists demonstrated against England's power to levy taxes.
  4. d N. languor; weariness. After a massage and a long soak in the hot tub, I gave in to my growing lassitude and lay down for a nap.
  5. e ADJ. liberal; wasteful. The actor's lavish gifts pleased her. also V.

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  1. N. generous gift. Lady Bountiful distributed largess to the poor.
  2. N. reading desk. The chaplain delivered his sermon from a hastily improvised lectern.
  3. N. lassitude; depression. His friends tried to overcome the languor into which he had fallen by taking him to parties and to the theater.
  4. N. lawsuit. Try to settle this amicably; I do not want to become involved in litigation. litigant, N.
  5. N. metal-bearing vein. If this lode that we have discovered extends for any distance, we have found a fortune.

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  1. leewayADJ. suspicious; cautious. Don't eat the sushi at this restaurant; I'm a bit leery about how fresh the raw fish is.


  2. loathADJ. reluctant; disinclined. Romeo and Juliet were both loath for him to go.


  3. legendN. legal claim on property. There was a delay before Ralph could take possession of his late uncle's home; apparently, another claimant had a lien upon the estate.


  4. linchpinN. small surgical tool for making incisions. With the sharp tip of her lancet, Doctor Wheeler cut into the abscess, opening it to let it drain.


  5. loomV. appear or take shape (usually in an enlarged or distorted form). The shadow of the gallows loomed threateningly above the small boy.


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