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  1. levitate
  2. legend
  3. liberator
  4. leery
  5. languid
  1. a V. float in the air (especially by magical means). As the magician passed his hands over the recumbent body of his assistant, she appeared to rise and levitate about three feet above the table.
  2. b ADJ. suspicious; cautious. Don't eat the sushi at this restaurant; I'm a bit leery about how fresh the raw fish is.
  3. c N. one who sets free. Simon Bolivar, who led the South American colonies in their rebellion against Spanish rule, is known as the great liberator. liberate,V.
  4. d ADJ. weary; sluggish; listless. Her siege of illness left her languid and pallid.
  5. e N. explanatory list of symbols on a map. The legend at the bottom of the map made it clear which symbols stood for rest areas along the highway and which stood for public camp sites. (secondary meaning)

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  1. V. cause to rise or grow lighter; enliven. As bread dough is leavened, it puffs up, expanding in volume.
  2. ADJ. extremely small. Tiny and delicate, the model was built on a lilliputian scale. also N.
  3. N. laypersons; persons not connected with the clergy. The laity does not always understand the clergy's problems.
  4. ADJ. potential but undeveloped; dormant; hidden. Polaroid pictures are popular at parties, because you can see the latent photographic image gradually appear before your eyes.
  5. ADJ. deadly. It is unwise to leave lethal weapons where children may find them.

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  1. lancetV. grieve; express sorrow. Even advocates of the war lamented the loss of so many lives in combat. lamentation, N.


  2. longevityN. long life. When he reached ninety, the old man was proud of his longevity.


  3. lividADJ. lead-colored; black and blue; enraged. His face was so livid with rage that we were afraid that he might have an attack of apoplexy.


  4. loquaciousADJ. talkative. Though our daughter barely says a word to us these days, put a phone in her hand and see how loquacious she can be: our phone bills are out of sight! loquacity, N.


  5. libertineN. debauched person. Although she was aware of his reputation as a libertine, she felt she could reform him and help him abandon his dissolute way of life.


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