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  1. Total Institution
  2. The conflict perspective on mass media
  3. Charles Horton Cooley
  4. Karl Marx
  5. Interview survey method
  1. a Regulates all aspects of a person's life under asingle authority, such as a prison, the military, a mental hospital, or convent
  2. b He advanced the belief that we learn who we are by interacting with others
  3. c founder of modern communism; He was responsible for the prespective Conflict
  4. d A face to face or telephone questioning of a respondent to obtain desired information
  5. e Stereotyping occurs in the media, we are only getting certain information that "gatekeepers" allow us as an audience to have, people are ingnored within the media..EX: girls sports, asian people, etc. also Narcotizing

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  1. Media shapes day-to-day social behavior. Consumes time. Babysits kids. New forms of Communication
  2. does not create policy but, rather, enacts it. Law, policy, and regulation normally originates from a leadership
  3. A norm governing everyday behavior whose violation raises comparatively little concern
  4. Emphasizes the way in which the parts of a society are structured to maintain its stability.
  5. The veiwing of people's behavior from the perspective of their own culture.

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  1. Validitythe quality of being logically valid


  2. Culture ShockThe totality oflearned, socially transmitted cutoms, knowledge, material objects, and behavior


  3. Emile Durkheim's research on suicideMedia shapes day-to-day social behavior. Consumes time. Babysits kids. New forms of Communication


  4. Counter-cultureA subculture that deliberately opposes certain aspects of the larger culture


  5. Socializationaffects the overall cultural practices of a society; it also shapes the image that we hold or oursleves


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