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  1. potentate
  2. circumscribe
  3. callous
  4. staid
  5. enigma
  1. a (adj) unemotional; serious
  2. b (adj) emotionally hardened; unfeeling
  3. c (noun) a puzzle, mystery or riddle
  4. d (verb) to draw a circle around; to restrict
  5. e (noun) one who has the power and position to rule over others; monarch

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  1. (verb) to retire from; give up or abandon
  2. (noun) character peculiar to an individual or group
  3. (adj) instructive
  4. (adj) completely honest, straightforward
  5. (verb) to introduce or communicate stealthily

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  1. husbandry(noun) the application of scientific principles to agriculture, especially in animal breeding


  2. derivative(noun) deep, extensive learning


  3. incoherent(adj) lacking cohesion or connection


  4. insular(noun) a puzzle, mystery or riddle


  5. vituperative(noun) something that comes from another source


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