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  1. entourage
  2. abstruse
  3. rudimentary
  4. derivative
  5. censure
  1. a (verb) to issue official blame
  2. b (adj) difficult to understand
  3. c (noun) something that comes from another source
  4. d (adj) basic; elementary; in the earliest stages of development
  5. e (noun) a group of attendants or associates; a retinue

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  1. (adj) intricate; complex
  2. (adj) sharing an edge or boundary; touching
  3. (adj) marked by harshly abusive condemnation
  4. (verb) to scatter widely, as in sowing seed
  5. (adj) inclined to keep silent; reserved

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  1. potentate(noun) one who has the power and position to rule over others; monarch


  2. arcane(adj) shrewd; clever


  3. enigma(adj) isolated; narrow or provincial


  4. ascertain(adj) unemotional; serious


  5. denounce(verb) to condemn openly


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