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  1. staid
  2. insular
  3. arcane
  4. pedantic
  5. conjecture
  1. a (adj) isolated; narrow or provincial
  2. b (adj) unemotional; serious
  3. c (adj) known or understood by only a few
  4. d (adj) excessively concerned with book learning and formal rules
  5. e (noun) inference; guess work

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  1. (adj) seeking or preferring seclusion or isolation
  2. (adj) intended for or understood by only a small group
  3. (noun) independence; self- determination
  4. (adj) marked by harshly abusive condemnation
  5. (adj) easily understood; clear

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  1. circumscribe(adj) careful; prudent; discreet


  2. renounce(verb) to condemn openly


  3. censure(verb) to give up ( a title, for example), especially by formal announcement


  4. perspicacious(adj) shrewd; clear sighted


  5. prospectus(noun) formal proposal


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