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  1. criarse (en)
  2. asimilar
  3. Tan pronto como... pienso...
  4. el sacrificio
  5. las costumbres
  1. a As soon as... I plan on...
  2. b customs
  3. c to assimilate
  4. d sacrifice
  5. e to grow up (in)

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  1. Before classes start, I want to...
  2. we discussed the issue; consequently...
  3. As soon as I turn... years old, I'm going to...
  4. to support
  5. Finally, I managed to...

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  1. tomar la iniciativato take the initiative


  2. acostumbrarnos a...customs


  3. discriminarto assimilate


  4. lasla tradiciónroots


  5. enfocarse ento focus on


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