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  1. Poco a poco se adaptaron a...
  2. Antes de que empiecen las clases, quiero...
  3. Gracias al apoyo de...,
  4. las aspiraciones
  5. Voy a... con la idea de...
  1. a Before classes start, I want to...
  2. b Little by little they adapted to...
  3. c I'm going to... with the intention of...
  4. d Thanks to the support of...
  5. e aspirations

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  1. is due to...
  2. to triumph
  3. to (not) give up
  4. to contribute
  5. I'm bilingual; therefore, I have many opportunities

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  1. establecerseto express (yourself)


  2. pertenecer ato belong to


  3. Con el tiempo pude asimilar...I have been able to overcome...


  4. la metagoal


  5. las raícesroots


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