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  1. Poco a poco se adaptaron a...
  2. las raíces
  3. encajar (en)
  4. el estilo de vida
  5. (no) darse por vencido (a)
  1. a to fit in
  2. b roots
  3. c to (not) give up
  4. d Little by little they adapted to...
  5. e lifestyle

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  1. heritage
  2. tradition
  3. contribution
  4. There were many challenges in...
  5. I didn't study, so...

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  1. luchar porto fight for


  2. En cuanto cumpla los... años, voy a...As soon as... I plan on...


  3. empeñarse ento focus on


  4. las costumbrescustoms


  5. alcanzarto reach


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