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  1. el origen
  2. No estudié, así que...
  3. triunfar
  4. Trabajo duro... y por eso...
  5. ser de ascendencia...
  1. a origin
  2. b I work hard... and for that reason...
  3. c I didn't study, so...
  4. d to triumph
  5. e to be of... decent

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  1. to support
  2. lifestyle
  3. Before classes start, I want to...
  4. goal
  5. commitment, obligation

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  1. el desafíosupport


  2. las costumbrescustoms


  3. esforzarse porto make an effort to


  4. el modo de serto become


  5. Con el tiempo pude asimilar...With time I was able to assimilate...


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