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  1. Cuando sea mayor, me gustaría...
  2. Poco a poco se adaptaron a...
  3. asimilar
  4. Soy bilingüe; por lo tanto, tengo muchas oportunidades
  5. las raíces
  1. a I'm bilingual; therefore, I have many opportunities
  2. b When I'm older, I'd like to...
  3. c to assimilate
  4. d Little by little they adapted to...
  5. e roots

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  1. to belong to
  2. sacrifice
  3. to get established
  4. way of being
  5. goal

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  1. aprovecharto take advantage of


  2. discriminarto discriminate


  3. los antepasadosancestors


  4. expresarseto express (yourself)


  5. acostumbrarnos get accustomed to


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