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  1. contribuir
  2. Gracias al apoyo de...,
  3. criarse (en)
  4. No estudié, así que...
  5. el orgullo
  1. a to grow up (in)
  2. b pride
  3. c I didn't study, so...
  4. d to contribute
  5. e Thanks to the support of...

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  1. to express (yourself)
  2. to triumph
  3. There were many challenges in...
  4. Little by little they adapted to...
  5. support

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  1. realizar (un sueño)to become


  2. las aspiracionesroots


  3. Nos costó trabajoto get accustomed to


  4. el modo de serway of being


  5. tomar la iniciativato take the initiative


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