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  1. Hay algo que se me escapa
  2. la agenda electrónica
  3. facilitar
  4. los compañeros de trabajo
  5. el empleo a tieso completo/medio tiempo
  1. a electronic planner
  2. b There's something I can't quite grasp
  3. c colleagues
  4. d full-time/part-time job
  5. e to facilitate

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  1. That's easy/pretty difficult for me
  2. competent
  3. I can do it
  4. to require
  5. employee

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  1. No me cabe en la cabezaIt's not hard for me at all


  2. la fotocopiadoraapplication


  3. Soy capaz de (hacer)...I can't seem to understand...


  4. Muy estimado(a)Most sincerely,


  5. No logro entender...competent


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