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  1. la fotocopiadora
  2. el seguro (médico)
  3. Le/Les adjunto un(a)
  4. donar tiempo a una causa
  5. No logro entender...
  1. a photocopier
  2. b (medical) insurance
  3. c I can't seem to understand...
  4. d I'm enclosing a...
  5. e to donate time to a cause

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  1. electronic planner
  2. these days
  3. It's outside/within my reach
  4. resumé
  5. disadvantage

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  1. los compañeros de trabajowork environment


  2. actualizarto utilize


  3. Por medio de la presente...I can't seem to understand...


  4. a la vezcompany


  5. solicitarto apply, to ask for


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