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  1. Relieves Wind-Heat:
    Stops Cough, treats Red burning painful eyes, watery eyes
  2. Tonifies Wei Qi
  3. Nourishes Yin:
    Nourish LV and KI Yin (essence)
  4. Harmonize LV and SP
  5. Clears Damp Heat:
    for damp heat in lower jiao
  6. Tonifies Qi and Resolves Phlegm

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  1. Du Huo Ji Sheng TangDispels Wind Damp Cold


  2. Er Chen TangDry Dampness and Expel Phlegm:
    for phlegm dampness obstructing qi in upper and middle jiao


  3. Suan Zao Ren TangCalms Shen:
    Nourishes blood, calms shen, clears heat, relieves irritibility. For LV Blood and Yin Deficiency failing to nourish HT.


  4. Si Jun Zi TangTonifies Qi:
    Strengthens Middle Jiao (SP/ST), Tonifies SP Qi Deficiency


  5. Gui Pi TangNourishes Blood:
    for blood deficiency


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