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  1. Moves blood and Dispels Blood Stasis
  2. Harmonize LV and SP
  3. Tonify KI Yang:
    For KI yang deficiency with empty cold; Dispels cold, drains water damp, promotes urination.
  4. Tonifies Qi and Resolves Phlegm
  5. Tonifies Wei Qi
  6. Calms Shen:
    Nourishes blood, calms shen, clears heat, relieves irritibility. For LV Blood and Yin Deficiency failing to nourish HT.

5 True/False Questions

  1. Gui Pi TangTonifies Qi and Blood:
    For SP Qi Deficiency with HT Blood and Yin Deficiency;
    SP Qi Deficiency, not controlling blood


  2. Jing Fang Bai Du SanRelieves Wind-Heat:
    Clears Heat & Toxicity, treats sore throat


  3. Liu Wei Di Huang WanTonifies Qi and Resolves Phlegm


  4. Du Huo Ji Sheng TangTonifies Wei Qi


  5. Si Jun Zi TangTonifies Qi and Resolves Phlegm


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